Today’s TV Addict Top 5: New Fall Shows We’re Really Really Excited For*

With the Fall TV Season just around the corner, this TV Addict can’t help but notice a distressing lack of excitement surrounding the new season. And while we’re the first to admit that September 2010 may be lacking an obvious breakout hit like say a GLEE or MODERN FAMILY, there are certainly more than a few reasons to be excited. With LONE STAR’s James Wolk, Adriana Pallicki, and Eloise Mumford just the tip of iceberg.

lone star fox cast

Move over GOSSIP GIRL, there’s a new man in town. That man: Fall TV’s next big thing and Kyle Chandler look-a-like James Wolk, who fans will soon be swooning over as Bob Allen — a con artist torn between two lives and two woman in separate parts of Texas. Executive producers Chris Keyser and Amy Lippman (PARTY OF FIVE) call it “DALLAS without the Cheese.” We call it a guilty pleasure we don’t have to feel guilty about obsessing over. Premieres September 20 on FOX (GlobalTV in Canada) [See Trailer]

running wilde fox cast

If you really have to ask why we’re so excited for RUNNING WILDE, FOX’s new half-hour comedy which brings together the comedy genius that is Mitch Hurwitz with the never-not-funny Will Arnett, you haven’t seen ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. And quite frankly, if you haven’t seen ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, you’re on the wrong site. Premieres September 21 on FOX.[See Trailer]

no ordinary family abc cast

As four highly-uneven seasons of HEROES so clearly illustrated, we will watch absolutely any show that features ordinary people discovering they have extraordinary abilities. And if that show includes THE SHIELD’s Michael Chiklis, DEXTER’s Julie Benz, THE OC/ENTOURAGE’s Autumn Reeser and is created by EVERWOOD’s Greg Berlanti, everybody wins. Premieres September 28 on ABC. [See Trailer]

nikita maggie q

Despite the CW’s wonky track-record when it comes to re-imaginations and reboots, NIKITA has all the ingredients of a perfect spy show. You’ve got your larger-than-life star in Maggie Q, a kinda awesome supporting cast (including Shane West, Lyndsy Fonseca, and Melinda Clarke), and most importantly of all in this world of been-there-seen-that television — an ending we totally didn’t see coming! Premieres September 9 on the CW (ATV in Canada) [See Trailer]

What do you get when you combine Frank Darabont, the director of one of our all-time favorite movies (The Shawshank Redemption), with the network that brought us MAD MEN and Zombies? An automatic season’s pass on our PVR for THE WALKING DEAD. Premieres October 31 on AMC. [See Trailer]

* Editor’s Note: If you’re curious as to why J.J. Abrams highly-anticipated new series UNDERCOVERS is conspicuously absent from this list, it’s because NBC remains the only major network that has failed to send us their Fall pilots. And on a somewhat related note, if you happen to work at NBC/Universal, we’d very much like to see them. Our contact information can be found here.

  • No Ordinary Family also has the guy that played Conrad on Weeds…
    I really really hope all the new fall shows are good..

  • joshemerson

    I haven't seen Arrested Development. *hides* And I think the previews of Running Wilde kind of suck. But I like Will Arnett in everything I've seen him in so I could possibly check it out.

    Nikita looks good. No Ordinary Family's pilot didn't blow me away, but we'll see where it goes.

  • LOL

    3/5 🙂
    I am so excited for Nikita!! but the timeslot is tough! I used to watch the office and 30 rock live and greys online but noe i ahve to watch all of them online and watch nikita live!

  • Nick

    You must not be a comedy guy…because “A.D.” is flat-out the funniest thing in TV history.

    Keri and Will can do no wrong in my book. I hate that it's on opposite Life Unexpected, but I'll find a way to see both. I've been waiting for Keri's return for over half a freakin' decade.

  • joshemerson

    I actually watch more comedy than anything on TV. I don't know why I haven't gotten around to checking out AD. I have the first season on DVD waiting to be watched. I don't know how any show could live up to the hype AD has gotten from TV addicts though.

  • Ali

    I'll be watching all of these shows. I think Lonestar is going to be really good, so I'm excited for that. I am SO psyched for Running Wilde because the the AD reunion, but the trailers don't look that good which is a bummer. I actually really like the Raising Hope promo, but I didn't like My Name Is Earl, so I'll have to see if I'll like the whole pilot.

    I was just about to ask what you thought of The Event, but then I remembered you didn't get the pilot. It's being really hyped, so I hope it's good.

    I really wanna watch Nikita, but the time slot is tough. I already have Greys, Fringe, and The Office. I already watch Fringe online, so I'll have to watch Nikita online, but The CW's website is really bad quality.

  • Ali

    You seriously need to go right like right now and watch it because it is SO good.

  • Ace

    If any show can live up to the hype, it is AD. If you have Netflix, they are in the instant section. I was so heartbroken when that one was cancelled, but at least we got 3 seasons.

  • Three outta the five, Lone Stare, No Ordinary Family, and The Walking Dead, are already on my list. I will pass on the other two.

  • Purplehewitt81

    I'm for sure watching Nikita and will check out Lone Star.