Attention TV Addicts: Come September, assuming you’re still living in the stone-age (translation: unlucky enough to not own a DVR) you’re screwed you’ve got some fairly big decisions ahead of you. CASTLE versus HAWAII FIVE-0! PARENTHOOD versus THE GOOD WIFE! THE BIG BANG THEORY versus COMMUNITY! Suffice to say, it’s the TV Addict equivalent of Sophie’s Choice. And why, as we inch closer and closer to our favorite time of the year (read: Fall TV!) we’ll be spending some time shining the spotlight on a few of the week’s most compelling time-slot showdowns. With today’s focus being on one of the most interesting showdowns to come along since CBS pitted SURVIVOR against FRIENDS, the jam-packed Thursday at 8PM face-off between FOX’s BONES, NBC’s COMMUNITY and new arrival CBS’ THE BIG BANG THEORY.

In BONES’ favor: If this just released sixth season teaser trailer is any indication, the brains behind BONES are not exactly throwing out the proverbial “Welcome Mat” for their new time slot competition. More to the point, by placing Booth and Brennan’s relationship (or lack their-of) front and center, wrangling some fairly high profile guest stars, and crafting “situations” that may-or-may-not be inspired by the cultural zeitgeist du jour, Hart Hanson and Co. are sending a clear message to whatever Team Prady has up their sleeves. That message: Bring it on.

In THE BIG BANG THEORY’s favor: Thanks to a cushy post-TWO AND A HALF MEN timeslot on Mondays (which last season netted the sophomore series double the viewers of BONES and COMMUNITY combined!), and a Emmy-worthy performance by Jim Parsons, THE BIG BANG THEORY is riding a tidal wave of momentum and popularity unseen on Thursday nights since the heyday of NBC’s Must See TV. Also helping THE BIG BANG THEORY’s cause come Fall will be a slew of high profile demo-friendly guest stars including Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, STAR TREK alum Wil Wheaton and today’s just announced return of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’s Katee Sackhoff.

In COMMUNITY’s favor: You mean aside from getting the obligatory ratings-bump that comes with any association to America’s sweetheart Betty White? Well, thanks to a ridiculously stellar second-half of the season, NBC’s little-comedy-that-just-might is enjoying a critical level of fan adoration and buzz usually reserved for shows on AMC. Unfortunately for creator Dan Harmon, it’s also attracting the same paltry number of viewers usually reserved for shows on AMC. Which brings us to…

The Winner: With COMMUNITY eating into THE BIG BANG THEORY’s audience ever-so-slightly and “The Jim Parsons Project” no longer able to rely on TWO AND HALF MEN’s 15 million viewers per-week, expect BONES — thanks in no small part to its fiercely loyal audience — to come out on top. Particularly when the clock strikes 8:30PM and THE BIG BANG gives way to what we have a feeling will be the big bust (Read: The far less funny $#*! MY DAD SAYS.)

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  • deanna


  • Bonesfangirl

    Bones always and forever. I tried the other shows and they just fell flat in my eyes.

  • Insinuative

    I will be watching Community. I caught up on it this summer and it's one of the funniest television shows I've watched. I can't wait!

  • athena0606

    you forgot about Vampire Diaries that's what my DVR will consist of BONES, VD, FRINGE and the new Nikita (saw at comic-con loved it)

  • Bones. Bones. Bones. And probably something on cable. It seems my timeslot should be fuller – maybe its because Supernatural moved to Friday.

  • joshemerson

    I couldn't possibly disagree with you more. There is no way in hell Bones is going to beat The Big Bang Theory in the ratings. You can quote me on this, BBT will no doubt be the #1 8PM Thursday show, particularly in the key demo.

  • Sanen85

    There is not a single question in my mind, Community will be on live and possibly DVR'd for the heck of it.

  • Lila

    Score for Bones. That's what I'll be watching!

  • Upon further review of ratings data from last season, last May there were approx. 5 million viewers between BONES and BBT. Factor in how many million BONES may lose airing at 8PM on a new night, it is probably going to be closer than you think.

  • oOLittleSquintOo


  • lexi

    Too bad the guest star tweet was a gag between Hart and masked scheduler. MS was the guest star. I know I was a bummed as you are now.

  • Bones !!! Nothing can replace Bones !!!

  • I am all Bones. Big Big Theory I never caught on to. Community is a no watch for me. Bones needs to start catching some Emmy nods some time. Maybe this will be the ticket. Brennan and Booth all the way.

  • I'm with Bones, all the way 😉

  • Hilsto

    Bones. Even though it is in the dog house with me drama comes first. I've been warming up to Community so I might catch that using alternate methods.

  • Hhavok

    Bones…definitely! I will have to watch TBBT online.

  • Bones of course is the big winner. I can't let Hart Hanson down.

    And I need my David Boreanaz fix.

  • Ali

    My two favorites in this time-slot will be Vampire Diaries and Community. I watched it at first because I love Joel McHale from The Soup, but it ended up being so good. The whole cast is fanatastic, and I love watching reruns. I'll also have to fit in BBT and My Generation somehow.

  • chels725

    Community all the way. Tis my favorite show. Alternative methods will be used to watch BBT.

  • Amsu301

    When I have a conundrum like this, I always watch the longer show, catching the half hour online, i.e. the office, fringe, and Grey's


  • Nicole

    I'll be watching The Big Bang Theory, recording Community.

  • Sorry, but I believe bones was on Thurs 8:00 the last one and a half seasons. BBT is the one moving.

  • iHartBones


  • Bones, Fringe, and the NBC Comedy Block all the way. I will watch Big Bang Theory last, just because its already eating into the audiences of good shows..

  • Ace

    I'll be watching Community first and then jumping into Bones on the DVR. BBT will have to wait for DVD. Hopefully they will keep Vampire Diaries on-line. This is the busiest timeslot all week IMO.


  • Amy_D259

    If I had to pick one it'd defin. be Bones.
    But I'll be catching up on BBT as well

  • Katrina

    Big Bang Theory for sure. I can watch Bones on Hulu

  • Not big on comedies, so I will be partaking in Bones and TVD!

  • Bstar

    big bang theory rules. bones is old now and with no awards, emmys in sight….has been show

  • tvaddict

    COMMUNITY all the way. I like Big Bang Theory, but I would stop watching it all together if it will help keep Community on the air. Maybe I'll just download BBT months from now. Thursday nights for me are going to be FRINGE and Community.

  • tynitty516

    why is there so many comments against BBT…look at the ratings there crushing everybody …..