Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Challenges We’re Throwing Out There

ryan seacrest american idol

We challenge AMERICAN IDOL to revamp its judging process.
Rather than allowing the judges to trot out the same old tired catchphrases every week (“It was just alright for me, dawg”), they need to watch a few episodes of the far superior SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE and see what actual critiques look like. 

We challenge viewers to try something new as summer winds down.
Despite the fact that several networks have put an actual effort into offering programming that doesn’t involve eating-’til-you-vomit challenges or supposedly-real housewives who are never seen, you know, cleaning, viewers simply aren’t tuning in. ABC should be rewarded for putting out fun fare such as THE GATES and SCOUNDRELS, and NBC’s PERSONS UNKNOWN should have been the perfect summer fodder. Instead, both failed to find an audience. So come on, folks, give these or some other scripted summer series a try… otherwise, next summer, the networks will go back to doing what they do best: pumping out reality crap that’s cheaper than a hooker’s shoes.

We challenge GENERAL HOSPITAL to go a month without anyone pulling a gun.
There ain’t much love in the afternoon over at GH, but there’s a whole lotta violence. Not a week goes by that doesn’t involve gunplay. Attention, residents of Port Charles: Please step forward if you’ve never been shot. Not so fast Jason, Sonny, Ethan, Kate, Johnny, Jax, Michael, Carly, Dante… well, you get the idea. There’s no suspense to violence if it becomes a way of life for the folks on the show. At this point, it’s more common than kisses, and that’s a sad, sad statement to make about a soap.

We challenge the networks to change our viewing habits.
One of the reasons the nets are having such trouble finding an audience for their programs this summer is that they’ve trained us to think of this as the dead season viewing wise. But like puppies, the audience can be trained! Look at Telemundo, Univision and similar networks who get bang-up ratings year round by never giving their audience a break. You wont’ find a rerun anywhere in primetime during the entire year on Telemundo. Original programming is offered five nights a week, 52 weeks a year… and the audience eats it up. 

We challenge TV’s writers to expand their playing fields.
Not every show has to revolve around cops, lawyers or a combination thereof. There are about 5,432,476 jobs out there, any of which would make a great backdrop for a series. And it’s not as if other professions haven’t proven wildly successful in the past. Remember a little show about a waitress named ALICE? Or a newscaster named MURPHY BROWN? Or a housewife named MARY HARTMAN whose name was so nice they had to say it twice?

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  • KriZia

    I absolutely LOVE NBC's Persons Unknown. It was sad to see that no one else really enjoyed it as much as I did.

  • joshemerson

    I'm hoping Idol will cast Shania Twain as one of the judges. Come on, she'd be a better choice than JLO. I love Shania.

    I said I was going to catch up on a bunch of shows this summer. Now it's the end of summer and I haven't done it. lol So much for catching up on Fringe and Supernatural. 🙁 I did however discover great shows in Being Human and Eureka.

  • Abby

    Amen to #5! I'm SO sick of cop and law shows. The Fall too is flooded with new ones. 🙁

  • Sanen85

    You better not hold your breath on #3.

  • Jax

    Let me start by saying when i begin to read #2 i thought u were going to tell us to stop watching tv!! guess not.
    SYTYCD and American idol both suck to my taste, i hate reality tv (except dragons den and hells kitchen) and ill take britan got talent anyday.
    Never seen general hospital but in #5 ur missing that subject doctor shows. Writers should be running out of ideas on cop shows we have at least 7 new shows for fall bout cops (3 sond good although one of the is the spinoff criminal minds, yes i like it). We also have 4 law shows and surprisingly so only 1 doctor show to my knowledge.
    About # 4 i would love to see new shows everyday for 52 weeks bout that would mean the cuality of the shows would go down and it’s low enough as it is.

  • Ali

    Thank you for pointing out how SYTYCD is superior to American Idol! Their judges, even if they sometimes don't make sense, are a thousand times better than AI. And Dance's results show doesn't make you want to skip it, because they actually showcase other dancers, and they don't drag out the results. You know the bottom 3 within the first 15 minutes.

    I enjoyed Persons Unknown this summer, and I wish it would've gotten better ratings. Although I did like Harper's Island way more last summer.

    I totally agree about General Hospital. When I started watching a few months ago, I thought I was going to be watching a soap opera about a hospital, not the mob. It's a little disturbing that they try to make a mobster a good guy. It's hilarious how many people have been shot on this show.

    It would be like the most amazing thing ever if a network had a quality show, airing year round. It's true that we have been trained my the networks into thinking that there's some fixed TV schedule. But who started this to begin with? It makes no sense, and I think it should change.

    And once again, I agree on the last one. I wish they would create a good show about the most random job ever. Or just an every day job. There are too many doctor and lawyer shows.

    I really liked this article in case you didn't notice 🙂

  • I gave up on Scoudrels, The Gates, Persons Unknown, and Pretty Little Liars, and instead spent my summer catching up on all the previous seasons of some of the fall shows (like NCIS, Bones, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia…etc)

  • Anonymous

    I’ve created a buffer of 20 shows I am saving for the summer. No need for me to go out on vacation to awesome beaches.