Watch, PVR, Pass: Thursday August 26, 2010

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  • Ali

    I have actually really been loving Rookie Blue. There's a lot of similarities between it and Grey's, but I also loved Grey's. I loved the lead, Andy, on Reaper, so it's really cool to see her on another show. It's definitely my favorite new summer series.

    Ever since the Vampire Diaries promo came out, I've been SO excited! Last week I watched a repeat and I will this week too. Next week they're playing the season finale and then it's back! Crazy.

    I'll also watch NBC comedy reruns and the Fringe rerun. Also, the Royal Pains summer finale!

    DEGRASSI! I'm very excited. The boiling point is finally here, and it's definitely because of the whole Fitz-Claire-Eli-Adam storyline.

  • After catching up with ROOKIE BLUE over the weekend I'm very much looking forward to tonight's episode. That said, it's BOILING POINT time and I will definitely be watching DEGRASSI first!

  • Burn Notice mid-season finale. It was pretty good.