You Be the Critic: Did DEGRASSI’s “Boiling Point” Live up to the Hype?

After a summer of valuable after-school lessons that shone a much-needed spotlight on the perils of pig ownership, white boys rapping, and online gaming (among other things!) last night’s episode of DEGRASSI finally delivered what fans have been waiting for. Or did it?

As advertised, Alli tried to teach cheatin’ Drew a lesson by taking a page from Pretty Woman, Fitz took his inspiration from Dexter Morgan, while Degrassi itself was thisclose to turning into a modern-day den of inequity (Holly J. WTF!) Of course, as entertaining as the episode was — thanks in no small part to a handful of surprisingly stellar performances from Munro Chambers (Eli), Aislinn Paul (Clare) and James Campbell (Fitz) — it’s safe to say that the episode fell a smidgen short of what executive producer Stephen Stohn’s called “the best half-hour in TV history!” After-all, in atypical DEGRASSI fashion, nobody really got stabbed, nobody gave birth, and — unless we seriously weren’t paying attention — nobody left the school in a body bag!

All of which begs the somewhat obvious, albeit slightly awkward question: After weeks of hype, did “The Boiling Point” live up to it? Discuss.

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  • i was disappointed by the finale. In no way I expected “The best 30 minutes of TV ever”, however I did expect….well….SOMETHING. I'll admit I was blood-thirsty. lol Seems like they copped-out on the stabbing.

    Snake's chilling words “Degrassi will never be the same”. WTF does that suppose to mean? Does it involved The Zit Remedy being blasted on the telecoms to torture the children?

    Anyways, the best part of the episode was Holly J. How HOT was she!

  • Adam,
    I blame the advertising. That said, it did set up the second half of the season which will premiere in October. See link to trailer below:

  • Why does a new season always mean a hair change? lol

  • holla@yoboi

    It led to the adverrtisments I think because it said “The biggest event in Degrassi history” and though not quite as effective as the school shooting episode (which felt semi anticlimactic as well) in reality, that last episode was the biggest event, because now the series is going to change.
    On a side note, can someone kill Adam and Drews mom, she's a b***h

  • Doug

    I was a disappointed with the finale as well. Eli is my new favorite character but I wanted him to be stabbed (but not die like JT). The scene between Eli and Fitz in the hallway was awesome. But their was no payoff. And since no one was actually stabbed it doesn't really make sense that everything at Degrassi has to change.

  • nothing happened! i was worried for a whole 5 minutes, and then nothing. huge buildup, no follow through.

  • joshemerson

    Yeah, the finale basically sucked. Which was too bad, since the rest of the 6 weeks of the Boiling Point was fantastic.

    I did think it was interesting that we found out what a piece of crap Drew is though. I thought that in the end they were going to end up having him be this good guy, but he's just not. He couldn't even stand up and defend Ali when she's being called a whore by his mom.

  • Ali

    Well you know my opinion because I wrote it in the comments of last night's ratings. I don't think it lived up to the hype. I don't understand, since no one was stabbed, why they have to change the whole school. But I do want to see what happens next.

  • Ellie Mueller

    I think it was good. it got me yelling at the tv- due to Drew's mother, and it got my exclaiming in shock when I believe Eli Goldsworthy had been stabbed. I believe it lived up to it's hype.

  • shanna

    I thought it was great. I love Eli but I think he really needed to learn his lesson (although I wish Claire had gotten with Fitz, I like him). And even though I want to strangle Drew's mom, I love how good the actress is at making me want to kill her. And I enjoyed Holly J's striptease.

    I think these episodes really were heading towards a boiling point and things finally boiled over. That's not always super climatic but what happens after should be epic. I think Simpson felt like he was standing up for these kids against the school board because he believed in them and they let him down so he's going to hand them over to whatever the school board (read: Drew's psycho mother) wants.

  • Miamang

    this season was by far the best . it was amazing ! i loved it . and i alsoo loveeed eli ! and im glad he didnt get stabbed becuase id he did i think the rating would go down , since many people like eli . cant wait for next seasom1