Good News: In lieu of the recent X FACTOR scandal, AMERICAN IDOL producers have released a statement claiming that they’ve never used auto-tune, the popular pitch-correcting technology, to enhance their contestants. Bad News: Said one loyal IDOL viewer, “Most unnecessary clarification ever![Source]

Good News: After wowing audiences over the summer with her performance in the Neil Patrick Harris directed version of Rent at the Hollywood Bowl, Nicole Scherzinger has landed the role of Robin Sparkles best friend Jessica Glitter on an upcoming episode of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. Bad News: For Zac Efron arm-candy and Scherzinger co-star Vanessa Hudgens, who clearly (or is it sadly?), didn’t leave much of an impression. [Source]

Good News: ABC has green-lit an OC-esque drama centering around a group of twenty-somethings in Washington D.C. Bad News: We’re still smarting over the CW’s hair-brained decision not to pick up the Brian Austin Green, Jason Dohring, Minka Kelly OC-esque drama centering around a group of twenty-somethings in Washington D.C that was THE BODY POLITIC. [Source]

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  • Mark S.

    Rob Sparkles??? It's Robin Sparkles.

  • Your freelance editing of my typos as always, is much appreciated. Cheque is not in the mail!

  • Nick

    C'mon, give ol' CW a break. Look at the breakout success the net had with The Beautiful Life and Melrose Place, instead of Body Politic. How dare you question their programming strategy! (ha ha) And how dare we think that Hellcats is just….(sigh)

  • joshemerson

    You're still complaining about the CW not picking up a show that you never even saw? lol At least we got 3 seasons of Veronica Mars to know how great it was and what a shame it was the CW canceled it. 😉

  • Josh,
    You've been reading the site long enough to know that I never let go of a grudge!

  • Ali

    I would of totally watched Body Politic, I mean it's Jason Dohring. I would watch anything with him, and Minka Kelly doesn't hurt either.

    Oh Tim Urban…