Your TV Tech Fix: Netflix Instant Watch Comes to iPhone (Strangers Never to Engage in Small Talk Again!)

If you’re a TV addict itching for another reason to stare at your iPhone for hours on end,  then I’ve got some news that should totally make your day – Netflix Instant Watch now works with the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Until now, the only “i” device able to stream TV and movies from Netflix has been the iPad, forcing iPhone and iPod Touch users to rely on YouTube, Hulu Plus, and Slingbox to watch a little TV on the go. If you’re into live episodes of AMERICAN IDOL, Slingbox will still be your best friend (when it works), but if you’re cool catching up on TV series past, then a $9 per month Netflix subscription gives you a wealth of stuff to enjoy.

My only advice to you iPhone toting Netflixers out there… watch your data usage. Even if you weren’t hitting your data cap before, hours of video streaming can put a sizable dent in a 2GB 3G plan.  Seek out Wi-Fi whenever possible!

Have you tried out the new Netflix app for the iPhone or iPod Touch? What do you think of it?

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  • I love my Ipod

    It should be noted that this does not support video out. I was hoping I could use this app with my home theatre's ipod dock. THis app does not support video out, the video must be watched on Ipod touch. On a positive note it loads well, has clear image and works great on wifi.

  • Ali

    I'm gonna try it right now because that is awesome!

  • JBDragon

    The app works great. Much better then the playon hack I was doing to get to watch Netflix on my Iphone. As to why you can't get video out onto a TV from your Iphone, more then likely it's because the Resolution is reduced quite a bit to save on Bandwidth over 3G, but still looking great on the small Iphone screen. If you tried watching it on a large screen it would look really bad. You can buy a Small Roku box for $79 to $129 that will stream Netflix Content.