Time-Slot Showdown: CASTLE vs HAWAII FIVE-0

Attention TV Addicts: Come September, assuming you’re still living in the stone-age (translation: unlucky enough to not own a DVR) you’re screwed you’ve got some fairly big decisions ahead of you. CASTLE versus HAWAII FIVE-0! PARENTHOOD versus THE GOOD WIFE! THE BIG BANG THEORY versus COMMUNITY! Suffice to say, it’s the TV Addict equivalent of Sophie’s Choice. And why, as we inch closer and closer to our favorite time of the year (read: Fall TV!) we’ll be spending some time shining the spotlight on a few of the week’s most compelling time-slot showdowns. Today’s focus: The drag ’em out knock ’em down face-off that is about to go down between ABC’s CASTLE and CBS’ highly-touted newcomer HAWAII FIVE-0

In CASTLE’s favor: You mean aside from the 20 million or so viewers that are served up on a platter weekly courtesy of the seemingly unstoppable reality TV juggernaut that is time-slot lead-in DANCING WITH THE STARS? Two words: Nathan Fillion. Whose winning smile and self-confident swagger has helped contribute to television’s second most most addictive will-they-or-won’t-they.

In HAWAII FIVE-0’s favor: An audience awareness that’s off the charts thanks to an iconic original series and theme song that’s is thisclose to becoming our next ringtone! Plus, whether your taste runs to picturesque locals (Hawaii), “Bromances” (As in fall’s soon-to-be most talked about one between co-stars Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Cann)) or ridiculously hot bikini clad woman (Grace Park), HAWAII FIVE-0 has something for everyone.

The Winner: Is for you to judge in the comments below. But not before we throw in our two cents, which has “Round 1” going to CASTLE, if for no other reason than its DANCING WITH THE STAR lead-in is far more powerful than a troubled TWO AND A HALF MEN and newcomer MIKE & MOLLY on CBS. a

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  • Shilo

    I see H50 premiering huge but settling down and still winning the timeslot. Castle’s premiere won’t be as big but I see them being steadier/gaining as the season goes along to finish a solid 2nd. I don’t think Chase will do well at all, so it depends on where those viewers go, too.

  • Ali

    I’ll be watching both but if I had to choose, it’d definitely be Castle.

  • castle

  • castle

  • Not even a snowball's chance for Chase? Castle over 5-0, easily.

  • Castle !!!!!!! Nathan Fillion is the best !!!
    I will vdr Chase that looks amazing.
    But my first choice CASTLE !!!

  • Linda


  • Kelsey

    Hawaii Five 0. Love Nathan Fillion and will record and watch Castle another time but Alex O'Loughlin will have me watching live.

  • hilsto

    I'll try out H50 since I love me some Alex O’Loughlin and miss The Island with the departure of LOST. It will probably be a battle of which I'll time shift rather than which I'll watch.

  • Girodet

    H50 will be getting my views. Love Fillion but the show is predictable and I'm tired of will they or won't they plot lines.

  • RLBZ54

    I have a dvr and like most people will watch BOTH

  • Victoria

    The Hawaii Five-O theme actually IS my boss' ring tone, it has been for years. Trust me when I say this: it gets old. Really fast.

    My ring tone is also a TV theme song so I'm not judging the sentiment.

  • Ajmillar

    Definetly Hawaii 5-0. I love the casting, especially Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim,the Hawaiian locale,etc., and I have never seen Castle and can say without hesitation that I do not plan on watching the show now or ever…sorry, Nathan.

  • Moonrise_films

    I'll be watching both. That's the beauty of having a DVR. Castle is so fun to watch and it will be interesting to find out if H50 can find an audience. Alex O'Loughlin seems to be “getting” projects but hasn't had much success with longevity. I think he's talented so I think it's just a matter of time until he lands the right project.

  • Amy_D259

    I'll try out 5-0 but I already watch Castle so of course it wins.

  • Castle, but I'll be watching 5-0 too

  • Nikki

    Will DVR Hawaii for the locales and to see if it puts a slightly different spin on the police procedural, but my vote has to go to Castle. Technically, it is another procedural, but it's a creative one – witty, full of heart, and charming as hell (all of the characters and actors – not just Mr. Fillion. But, of course, Fillion is awesome, and has more presence and charisma than Mr. O'Loughlin (though he is a cutie!) Castle is a show that appeals to procedural/mystery fans, as well as people who love so-called dramedies and romantic comedies. It is light-hearted escapism at its best, but it's also poignant. So if it holds onto its audience from last year and even grows (which it has already demonstrated a pattern of doing), it's going to be the underdog show to beat.

  • Barrossa

    I do not have DVR. I will be watching Castle and watch Hawaii Five-O whenever.