Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Things We Unexpectedly Loved About the EMMYS

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Emmy Voters actually got it right (for the most part)
From MODERN FAMILY’s Outstanding Comedy Win to Jim Parson’s equally deserving victory, one would be hard-pressed to find fault with last winners. And while we could quibble over the fact that Edie Falco performance on NURSE JACKIE is by her own admission “not funny,” THE CLOSER’s Kyra Sedgwick most certainly wouldn’t have been our choice for Outstanding Actress in a Drama, and Archie Panjabi’s win for THE GOOD WIFE was about as unexpected as her nomination…. the fact that Tony Shalhoub and Jon Cryer’s posteriors remained firmly planted in their seat more than made up for all all of it!

Jimmy Fallon wasn’t funny
Proving it’s no accident that Jimmy Fallon has been able to parlay a role on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE into his own talk show, the savvy late night host played to his strengths last night, opting to go with memorable musical numbers featuring a bevy of famous friends (including Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Tina Fey and Jon Hamm to name a few) and impersonations (Dead Show montage, FTW!<) over biting one-liners more befitting a Ricky Gervais and/or Conan O’Brien.

Poignant Acceptance Speeches
Whether it was the real-life inspiration for HBO’s TEMPLE GRANDIN spontaneously hugging executive producer Emily Gerson Saines, Ryan Murphy giving a shout out to arts education in his acceptance speech or Eric Stonestreet and Jane Lynch delivering a heartfelt and tearful thanks to their parents, last night’s Emmy speeches — with the exception of MAD MEN’s pompous Matthew Weiner who is to Emmys what Jame Cameron is to Oscars — were everything acceptance speeches should be. Heavy on the inspiration and light on the thanking of agents, managers, and Craft service people who got them their.

George Clooney
When Bobe Hope Humanitarian Award Winner George Clooney isn’t making us feel guilty for spending what probably amounts to a little more time than we should watching TV, when we could be helping the people of [insert country here] rebuild following a [insert tragedy, war, natural disaster here], he’s stealing the show in the evening’s funniest moment. Seriously, is there anything this guy can’t do?

The Commercials
Usually the bain of our existence, last night’s commercials not only were a welcome reminder that fall TV is just around the corner. They gave COMMUNITY ample opportunity to show off why what the millions of viewers at home watching are missing. (See below)

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  • Ali

    I thought this years Emmys was the best in a long time. The intro was great, and I think Jimmy Fallon did a really good job at hosting. I cannot tell you how happy I am that no one from Two and a Half Men won. It's awesome that there was so much Modern Family love! (Go Eric Stonestreet). I was so surprised that Julianna Margulies didn't win Lead Actress. I was a little disappointed that Mad Men won again because I was hoping they would change it up. But, it was a really good show this year.

  • I didn't expect Jimmy Fallon to do as well as he did.
    Also, there isn't a shot at youtube clips for those commericals is there?

  • Ask and you shall receive:

  • I thought the program was good, personally enjoyed Jimmy Fallon's segways and the introduction. As for the commercials, I really can't comment as I DVR'd the program and then fast forwarded where necessary.

  • Thanks!