• DEXTER’s seeing stars, click here to find out why.
• For the twenty-or-so-million-of-you who inexplicably care about dancing with the has-beens, ABC announces next season’s DWTS cast.
• Celebrate good times, with the cast of MODERN FAMILY following their fantastic Emmy win.
• The British Invasion… continues, with Eddie Izzard joining Showtime’s UNITED STATES OF TARA.
• Not so idol chatter, TV movies and miniseries may get the boot from next year’s Emmy telecast.

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  • Ace

    It really doesn't make sense to continue to put the made for TV movies and miniseries in the Emmy broadcast when there are so few and not many people watch them (esp since most are on HBO). Especially when you are cutting out the guest actors to include them… I'm sure I'm not the only one who fast forwarded through them. I would much rather have seen NPH and Betty White get their awards.

  • joshemerson

    Yep, and I also would have liked to see clips of the nominees. It would be a lot more effective and entertaining if you could see what people are nominated for, especially in the acting categories. It's not so entertaining when they just say the actor's name.

  • Nick

    Don't tell me TPTB are actually listening to us and doing something that makes sense. The movies/miniseries belong either at the Creative Arts Emmys or the Oscars.

    And the TV Guest Stars Emmys MUST be on TV. We were cheated from 4 of the most popular stars receiving their awards: NPH, Betty White, Ann-Margret and John Lithgow. INEXCUSABLE, Academy!

    As for DWTS, any losers who continue to get excited about such dreck as Hasselhoff, Palin and Partridge have serious issues. Fortunately, the demo ratings bear out that the viewers are 55-plus…so it's something to keep the old people awake after 8pm.