We Get the Skinny on the Future of DR. HORRIBLE from Felicia Day

felicia day

This just in: We finally get what Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer were fighting over! And all it took was an hour in the presence of Felicia Day at this past weekend’s FanExpo in Toronto. Seriously. Smitten does not begin to describe our admiration for the incredibly well spoken, adorably nerdy (Counts Peggle as one of her favorite games!), and ridiculously savvy television star turned internet phenom who when she isn’t guesting on every show under the sun (see: DOLLHOUSE, HOUSE, EUREKA), is busy creating, writing, and starring in THE GUILD, one of the world’s most popular web series. But don’t take our word for it — see what the multi-talented workaholic has to say about the future of DR. HORRIBLE in the first of a series of videos we’ve not-so-cleverly coined “Your daily dose of [Felicia] Day” — after the jump.

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  • Sofi

    Love her!