Full disclosure: We did not see this coming. Seriously. Had you told us last September that our flash forward to this September would have seen us celebrating the release of FLASHFORWARD: THE COMPLETE SERIES on DVD a mere season after its somewhat stellar premiere, our reaction would probably have gone a little something like this: “Whatcha talkin’ bout Willis?”

That said, the business we affectionally like to refer to as show has a penchant for surprising us. Which is why we’re here today giving one lucky reader the opportunity to win FLASHFORWARD: THE COMPLETE SERIES on DVD. The operative word here being “Complete.”

For your chance to win, simply post away in the comments below with your theory as to where FLASHFORWARD went wrong. One lucky entrant will be picked at random and notified via email on September 7, 2010, so please be sure to enter with a valid email address. Not a winner? FLASHFORWARD: THE COMPLETE SERIES is now available on Amazon for only $41.00.

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  • KriZia

    I think FlashForward went wrong when it came to its marketing. Having it marketed as ‘the next LOST’ while LOST was still airing was a big mistake, in my opinion. FlashForward’s substance and plot were so radically different from that of LOST and because marketing put the show in direct comparison with the cult favorite, in fans’ eyes at least, that alienated viewership when it didn’t play to the same elements. In addition, the ridiculously long hiatus that took place between each section of season one episodes further alienated viewers. I loved FlashForward, especially the character of Janis Hawk and her storyline, and was sad to see it go. I think few realize how many fantastic actors took part in this show.

  • Seanstorm

    Quite honestly, what turned me off was the constant replaying of character flashbacks, sometimes 2 or more times for a unique character in a single episode.

  • Glenn

    Biggest issue with complicated story line series is the amount of time between each episode. They learned nothing from 24 and Lost who both would show new episodes from start to finish each week after Christmas.

    The second reason was the time slot-needed to be at 9 or 10 on Tuesday or Wednesday. A good move would have been to make this the series for the Fall before Lost after Christmas.
    I would not have put this on the same night as Lost because potentially good series have been prematurely canceled in that time slot – see The Nine and Life on Mars.

  • Kristal

    I loved the show but it definitely didn’t resonate with audiences early enough to keep the big numbers it started with! I think the reason it failed to be the next LOST in terms of audience size and dedication is that they spent too long focusing on the events and not enough time diving into the characters. Yes, what happened was interesting, but we needed the care about the characters first to keep us interested in the main event. After about 5 episodes they got in to the groove of storytelling, pacing, and character work but by then it was a little too late I’m afraid. The show had already shed much of it’s premiere audience and was unable to get them back.

    It’s unfortunate because it grew into a fantastic show and the cliffhanger at the end promised a story all the way until 2012 that you could tell had already been loosely plotted out by the writers. It’s a shame we’ll never get to see what could have been.

  • Bamasteelmagnolia

    What went wrong with FF? The two “mini” seasons for one. What bozo came up with that brilliant idea. Granted it might have been done because of the Olympics, but I would have crafted the plot less complicated and maybe a little faster for the first half then. I think the addition of “multiple FF” began to thicken the soup too much especially given there was only one season. But IMHO I think the fact to tank it and not give it a chance to develop one more season…that was a big mistake…it could have become a “cult” hit with closure from one more season.

  • TVwithAbe

    After a fantastic, intriguing pilot, the show kept harping on additional flashbacks and trying to explain events away with science to make sense of them. Links to Kabbalah and Nazi Germany really did it in.

  • Kermit

    The BIG break was the BIG problem. They lost viewers BIG time!

  • PhillyWings

    WOW — I really want this, TV Addict! My TiVo remains nearly full with all the 2nd half of the season yet unwatched. So I was thinking about deleting those and buying the DVD — until I saw your Twitter note and the chance to WIN it instead!

    Herein lies the main problem with the show — it was ABC programming's fault — not the series quality. In other words, I think it was a matter of poor scheduling.

    1) this could have been a great companion piece IF it was scheduled alongside LOST. Have FF at 8pm, followed by LOST on same night at 9. Same type of audience. Instead, they put it on a HIGHLY competitive night (Thursdays at 8pm) and let it die fast.

    2) ABC should NEVER have broken up the series with such a long winter hiatus. That killed the show.

    thanks for the opportunity!

  • RE: Where FF went wrong – I can only speak for myself. Any show with such a complicated plot shouldn't have a three and a half month hiatus. What can I say, I have a short attention span. Take a tip from a show that did it right – “24”. Run the series with as little interruption as possible and people like me won't lose interest.

  • Such a great cast and concept, but the follow through…

    What bugged me the most: If you are going to put the fate of the world in these peoples' hands, then they need to be smarter than this.

    The long hiatus didn't help either. Or the fact that characters would drop big story bombs (“Janis is what?”) and then vanish for the next two weeks.

  • joshemerson

    You know, I liked the show. I thought the quality was strong when it came back from the hiatus. But I have to say, I think the characters needed to be more likable. You're talking about these huge events and twists, and supposedly the fate of the world hanging in the balance. But you just didn't care what happened to most of the cast.

    It had great twists and surprises. I also liked the love story between Bryce and Keiko. If there had been some other good people on the show, it could have been fantastic.

  • Ace

    I have to be honest, I don't see myself watching it again so I don't want to be in the running. However, I just have to agree that it was such a let down after the pilot. That was an incredibly gripping 2 hours. But then there was the super long break and all of the characters really were going the direction of their FF and that made it kind of lame. Like, you knew that you were going to end up cheating on your husband…why do you keep hanging out w/ this guy?? And I think it has to be said…there were a lot of great actors in it but most of them seemed like they were phoning it in. There were actualy times when my husband laughed when Joseph Finnes and Sonya Walger were supposed to be having dramatic moments. Biggest mistake: killing off the Famous Jett Jackson!

  • I loved this show, but the big mistake was taking such a long break and therefore messing up the original timeline.

  • kammie78

    The hiatus is what killed them…a fledgling, freshman show should not take that long of a break, or they risk losing not yet solidified viewers…

  • Sarah S

    Flash Forward was too complicated for such a long hiatus.

  • Raked

    My theory? Time slot and lack of advertisement. It was discussed all over the web, but where was the effort on TV? Plus, it was against some tough shows, and they didn't even TRY to put it above the others (or move it to see if it would do better).

    Also, epic failure was me. Because of time slot, I missed it. This is my opportunity to check it out way too late.

  • Bingo. While the show might not have been perfect, there was no way it was ever going to live up to being marketed as “The next LOST”. It was doomed from the beginning with those expectations.

  • Too much, too little, too late, too soon. The hiatus didn't help but the story was all over the place and for something so high concept, you gotta nail it or it totally sucks. Kinda no in between.

    It started off with a nice sense of urgency that made it fast-paced, fun to watch… then stalled digging up convoluted flash forward theories, retconning other events and characters. The characters that advanced the plot were ignored, all for the sake of shoehorning others into the episodes. Ditto story lines, TPTB trying to be 24 or Lost, as others have said.. force too many competing plots to eventually tie together in a “WHOA!” moment, but it never got there.

    So really, very little “happened” or intrigued IMO.. save for Simon, Janis, “the villain,” whose name I can't even remember at this point, a few other little things. The rest was meh.

  • Teleholic

    I really liked this series, but I think it went wrong with the hiatus, like people said, and with the characters. They made a mistake in holding off Simon's appearance, they kept showing him in the commercials but he never showed up until a few weeks in, and I know quite a few people that stopped watching because they were frustrated. I also think the time slot was horrible. It competed with The Vampire Diaries, the NBC comedy line-up, Bones, whichever CSI spinoff airs at the time on CBS, and most people tend to stick to the favorites. I really liked it but even I had to catch it on Hulu. (I know, I'm contributing to the problem.) Also, by connecting it to Lost, I think people avoided it because as huge as Lost was, a LOT of people stopped watching it because of frustration, and I think they felt Flashforward would be the same so they didn't bother giving it a chance.

  • sil9800

    It went wrong when the network started interfering with the creative aspects of the show!!

  • Nsyncster409

    Awesome show, loved the concept. Severely disappointed that it ABC did not renew it for the 2010-2011 season. I'm not sure why the viewership was so low. Possibly due to scheduling.

  • Ken Guarino

    Truly, I loved the show and was quite upset when ABC didn't continue it. So, I really want the creators to do a final movie to end it the right way so we could rest easier on what really happened. I always “looked forward” to the night that it was on to watch quality TV.

  • James

    FlashForward went wrong when it was said to be the next LOST. If they just would have advertised it for what it was people would not have watched it and expected something different. Also people expectations were too high for the show, which hit its stride in the second half of the season especially with the Simon episode.

  • Mstewart30

    Sloppy marketing, it was so blatantly marketed as the next Lost that even die-hard fans of Lost had little reason to connect with the show that was to “replace” theirs when Lost finished. Other viewers couldn't connect with the show either because they thought it was something that only those nerds (like me) who love Lost would get.

  • Perrynic96

    I really think where they went wrong was right in the middle of the series. It was great at the beggining terrible in the middle and great at the end. I contribute that to the writers. you can see the writers who wrote the begginning wrote the end. the ones in the middle sucked!

  • Sugarplum

    The hiatus really hurt the show. Right when it was starting to pick up, it disappeared for months. People lost interest. I think it deserved a second (normal) season, but alas, we’ll never have it!

  • Stickley

    I feel they lost their focus on the primary mystery. They got side tracked to often by personal stories instead of charging forward with a fast paced pursuit of the truth, where tantalizing clues could have teased the viewer back for more next week.

  • Robert Jonsson

    It was a show with a divided attention span: was it a soap drama or was it a thriller? The creative direction suffered from several changes in showrunner, letting it bleed in the creative department.

    I think some of the roles were miscasted and the actors in theme had zero credability. And some roles where down right unneeded for the series. Like the doctor and his love from Japan.

  • Eki

    The problem with FlashForward is that 2m17 seconds of a single point of view per character is a hell of a short flashforward in terms of TV time. They wanted these visions to be relevant to each episode but still conveniently hide part of them. Therefore they spent a lot of time with repeats of the same visons over and over again.

    Also, around episode 7 or 8 I discovered with a friend that FlashForward was a lot funnier to watch with several bottles of sparkling lambrusco wine. Every time a character said “FlashForward”, “Blackout” or there was a girl-girl kiss on screen, we would cheer and drink.

    Now, after the hiatus is when everything started to get on the right track. Unfortunately, it was too late by then in terms of audience. I think that would have saved Flashforward would have been a strategic rerun of the first half of the series and a lot of buzz on how good it was after the winter pause.

    It is truely a shame.

  • Yeah, I'd like to win the complete “Flash Forward.” I didn't get to see it on telly.

    Ann Morris
    Plant City, FL

  • Two issues:
    -The hiatus really killed the momentum they were starting to build up.
    -Fiennes' character was inconsistent & hard to root for/get behind early on.

  • shanna

    I think it was two things:
    1) Character development started off slow. I didn't really start to feel for the characters until after the agent killed himself.

    2) The ridiculously long break that lost some and didn't gain enough.

  • Lisa N.

    I think the long hiatus was a big problem for a show that was already struggling. It didn't help that it was on against Bones and Survivor, two very popular shows. FlashForward was never really given a chance to get established and develop a large fan base.

  • Gelli

    For me, what went wrong in Flashforward was that yes it had an awesome awesome season premiere, but then, when it came to the 2nd episode, it came flushing its epicness down the toilet. I mean, watching the 2nd to 5th episode was irritating, coz it did lack substance. it lacked the core coz it was going all over the place. different story here and there. I got really confused to the storyline up to a point that just out of the blue, Janis Hawk is working for both sides. Don't get me wrong, but i love the premiere and the finale. Actually when I watched the finale, i sorta wanted more FF. The marketing here in our country was actually quite good. Well, we saw the marketing when it would just start to air on FOX asia. But in the end, it's a very nice story, but just a lil boring on the episodes in the middle of the premiere and finale. 🙁

  • PhillyWings

    who won?!