First Look: FRINGE Season 3 Key Art (Hint: Look Closer)

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  • Farleyiligan

    lol at the Observer

  • Good Eye!

  • thanks!

  • I'm the same person. just forgot to log in

  • Eki

    I've seen the seahorse, the butterfly, the frog and some other stuff too.

    Waiting for someone to figure out the hidden message in this poster.

    Are the clouds making any figure too?

  • Ace

    My favorite: Walter is eating something random.

  • how about a flower?

  • I didn't even notice him at first.

  • I always take out my phone to check out the QR 'Fox' Codes on these posters even though I know what it's going to be.

  • Simon Polidano

    1) each column has a different symbol that the show airs before and after commercial breaks (a seahorse, a frog, a daisy and a butterfly)…

    2) i think it is peculiar that the cup Walter is drinking from has Massive Dynamic written on it….

    3) yes everybody saw the observer

    4) Walter's stare is creepy and he doesnt seem to be looking in the same direction that olivia/bolivia and peter are looking

    5) if you maximise the picture near the sky scraper (the one on the left) there seems to be something falling off it…i think (i could just be imagining things)

    6) the centre of the sky light about the gang has a set of lights going round it…. some are white and others are yellow. could this be a code?

    7) the blimp is very prominent and 'in your face' i am thinking this means something too 🙂

  • took me forever to find the hand!! Found The Observer, flower, smoke face, sea horse, frog, and butterfly really quickly. But that hand my goodness.