Your Fall TV 2010 Season Premiere Calendar: Print and Download Here!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. That magical time when Television Networks attempt to cram the premieres of 23 new and 83 returning shows into a mere 25 days. And here to ensure you don’t miss a moment is’s now world-famous printable calendar. Simply click on either of the following links: High Quality PDF or JPG and get comfortable.

  • Ace

    Thanks TVA :). And thanks for the tip that the last two episodes of Better Off Ted are now up on Netflix…know what I’m doing this afternoon.

  • Rick

    you missed 90210 and GG on september 13th

  • cam3150

    TV Addict, I have to tell you that your calendars are THE BEST anywhere. Thank you so much for taking the time to put them together. I’ve been wanting to know how overworked my DVR is going to be so I’ve been searching for a Fall calendar for a week or so (I knew yours was not out yet). While other sites do give premiere dates, etc, most of them are in list format so it’s not easy to get a night by night view of what will be on and when. Again, thanks so much — your hard work is appreciated!

    I do have to add — thankfully my DVR will record 4 shows at one time. I am embarrassed to say how many network shows I’ve highlighted as “must see tv” (**cough** 32 **cough**). Looks like my biggest obstacle will come on Mondays at the 8pm CST hour as there are 5 things that I either already watch or want to.
    I’m tired just thinking about it!!

  • Neal

    September 21 is all messed up. It shows Biggest Loser on NBC and it shows both NCIS shows on CBS at 8:00 PM

  • Neal,
    Thanks for the freelance editing! The error has been corrected.

  • Jkylie

    So wait? Did BL move to CBS?? It should be NBC, right?? So now you have two shows on CBS at 8 both BL and NCIS.

  • Cnjashton

    Thursdays nights are going to be rough….Big Bang Theory, Bones, and the Community all at the same time….Guess I will be using Hulu for one of them….

  • u should have an.ical download option for this.