Exclusive First Look: Olivia. On the Run. With a Revolver.

olivia, fringe

Remember that much talked about female version of PRISON BREAK Fox was reportedly mulling over a few seasons back? Well, lucky for FRINGE fans, Olivia Dunham certainly does. Who we can now reveal — courtesy of this exclusive first look photo from the upcoming third season premiere — pulls a ‘Michael Scofield’ of her very own in an effort to escape the debatably-evil clutches of Walternate and the Alternate Universe. Will Olivia succeed? Just who is that revolver pointed at? And most importantly, how on earth did she find an Alt-Universe Tattoo parlour capable of providing her with the now-obligatory full-body tattoo on such short notice!? Find out for yourself when FRINGE returns on September 23 at 9PM on Fox.

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  • lifeonqueen

    That's not a revolver.

  • Can't wait!

  • lifeonqueen,
    I was going more for an homage to the second season episode rather than accuracy!

  • hilsto

    21 days left! The wait is killing me.

  • tattoo? I don't get it sorry. 🙁


  • Bettyanne

    Is Olivia changing her hair colour?

  • Pmcmanus420

    “Full Service”?!? That's clearly not our universe!

  • That's definitely not a revolver.

  • Oh, so you were trying to set an example of how Olivia got out of the prison with the help of tattoos.

  • Ace

    Real Olivia: Blonde. Fake Olivia: Red head. Except right now they are switched.

  • khaled

    it looks like a 9mm to me