An In Depth Look At… Sonny & Brenda’s Reunion!

For weeks, GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Brenda has been wandering around Rome while thinking about Sonny, who’s been caught up in his own memories of the beautiful brunette. This week, at long last, one of the greatest couples in Port Charles history finally reunites!

“It wouldn’t be GH if there wasn’t some danger surrounding the big moment,” says Soaps In Depth executive editor Richard M. Simms. “As we all know, there’s this mysterious Balkan dude who has targeted Brenda. And at the very moment that our former lovers finally come together, the bad guys try and kidnap her!” 

Sonny — who’s dodged those pesky attempted-murder charges and gone to Rome in search of Brenda — rides to the rescue, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the reunion will go the way he hopes. “Is Brenda glad to see Sonny? Of course she is,” says the editor. “But they have a lot of issues between them, and he has things to deal with back home.” At the same time, more than a few other residents of Port Charles find themselves talking about Brenda. “She’s got the potential to stir up trouble for Jax and Carly as well as Jason and Sam, and both of those couples find themselves having… well, let’s just say ‘interesting’ conversations about the supermodel!”

Elsewhere in the issue, look for an exclusive interview with uber-popular ALL MY CHILDREN heroine Alicia Minshew (Kendall), who talks about the challenges of combining acting with raising a baby… not to mention what the future holds for Zendall! There’s also an unusually frank interview with GH’s Jason Thompson (Patrick) and Kimberly McCullough (Robin). “They’re extremely candid about the whole ‘Fatal Attraction’ story and how it impacts their characters,” admits Simms. “It’s a must-read for Scrubs fans.” And with Kim Zimmer — who became a daytime superstar with her stint as the self-proclaimed slut of GUIDING LIGHT’s Springfield — set to bring her ONE LIFE TO LIVE alter ego, Echo, back to the canvas, the mag jogs your memory on how Clint’s ex-lover impacted the canvas.

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  • Julia

    Big old miss! Brenda doesn’t need Sonny. She’s much better off without him. He should be alone & try to fix his relationship with his kids.

  • Maya

    Who says Megan is leaving—do you believe everything posted on dd? And just because I loved Sonny and Kate doesn’t mean you have the right to post a nasty comment.
    I get it…you love Brenda….but when did you get to know what the “majority” of viewers like? Seems to me there are some who disagree

  • Yeah so Brenda can slip into a deep dark coma, because thats all I feel like I'm doing when I watch J&B together.

  • You said it. We WERE supposed to believe it but we didn't. So it failed. Majority of the audience never bought it and that was because SnB were laid out to be a major supercouple in the 90's and it stamped a place in soap history. No amount of Guza rewrites or newbie characters will ever change that. SnB were Sonny and Brenda's first major relationship on GH. Thats what was stamped into viewers memory not this first love backstory TPTB now want everyone to believe. I hope you meant 1994 not 2003 because if you didn't then you need to do more research on the character of Sonny Corinthos.

  • No one's bashing you here, I'm just simply disagreeing as you are with me. This is a public place to post so that is what we are doing. I never saw the romantic sparkle with Skate. I would much rather watch two soulmates find their way back to oneanother with love, intensity, fire, lust, romance, and sparkle as you call it. I never saw that with Skate. Mo called SnB soulmates and first loves. Thats it. But yes you can like who you like and we'll agree to disagree. No hard feelings. 🙂

  • Then why did Mo call Brenda Sonny's first love? Fine backstory or rewrite, whatever. My point was I never bought it. Its a difference in opinion and taste.

  • How is it a nasty comment when I state that Kate is leaving? I have heard it from multiple sources. So maybe its not true, but maybe it is. I actually would like MW to stay and have the writers actually write for Kate. When I stated that Mo has moved on I meant that because he states that Brenda was his first love and soulmate. That statement is pretty bold if Mo hasn't moved on from Skate.

  • I am not bashing fans at all. Soap boards and polls are out there to state opinions. If I was bashing other fan bases I would be calling them names. Others on here are bashing SnB just the same. When others call SnB boring I have to disagree. Just as other fanbases will when that comment is made about their couple. Its not bashing its stating an opinion and its fine that you don't agree with me. I have no nasty comments to make about Skate or Kate other than I thought they were boring and I don't think thats nasty. I do think newer soap viewers have no patience to watch a story unfold and with spoilers and the web now the soap audience has gotten even more inpatient. Its sad because I feel thats one of the reasons the soap genre is dying. I think MW is great and if she leaves its GH's loss. No hard feeling ok.

  • Maya

    It is nasty because you dismiss everyone who disagrees or happens to enjoy Sonny with another female. You spread the “same” dd post which has been posted everywhere–I don't see any official release about Megan leaving and until that happens, don't dismiss other fans wishes. Mo doing press for Sonny and Brenda–just as he did with Claudia–remember those wonderful interviews about how he and SJB still have it???? I remember and cringed because they did not have it and it was so sad to watch after the wonderful work he did with SKate and how the ratings and audience love that story! But I just happened to be at his event this summer a short 6 weeks ago. He talked very lovingly about SKate and working with Megan. In fact he was joking about Olivia, and other stories but got very serious when the subject was about MW. He would LOVE to work with her again. So who knows…stories happen in cycles…and VMG's return….has it brought in any ratings? Has it brought critical acclaim with viewers loving Brenda and her story? So far a big fat no! Another colossal error on the part of the GH bigwigs. There are a lot of Skate fans out there as well as Sonny and Brenda ones—if anything, I'd like to see a triangle between Sonny's teenage love (and most recent adult one–as it has been clearly shown Sonny has not loved Claudia, Olivia, or Claire) and his first adult love–that would finally give Maurice a story that he could be clearly proud of portraying. My opinion but I think it would be hugely popular!

  • I have no doubt that Mo would say that about Megan because he is a nice person and Megan is a great actress. We'll just have to agree to disagree on which character is better for Sonny. I am all for a pairing of Sonny's that puts a smile on his face and gets him out of the claws of Carly, but if I had to choose between Brenda or Kate there would be no competition in my book. I have no doubt there are Skate fans out there, and back when more people tuned into soaps Sonny and Brenda were legendary in popularity. My point with the majority statement is really based on soap standards when supercouples existed in the 80's and 90's. Supercouples were couples that 70% plus of the audience loved. SnB were that popular and that is why they are the last supercouple. Now supercouples don't exist and ratings have dropped 2 and 3 million. VM nor any other actor/actress can make ratings jump anymore because soaps are a dying genre and nothing can bring them back sadly. We'll just have to see what TPTB do from this point on. I was not trying to be nasty just stating an opinion.

  • April

    HIT!!! When their eyes connected and they discussed their relationship, it was just good old-fashioned romance. This is what I've been missing about GH and soaps in general.

  • Jewels

    It has been one ginormous, boring as hell MISS!!!

  • Sonny and Brenda SUCK! She has to be dumbed down for him. This return and re-writing of history is a fail of EPIC proportions!

  • Taylor30

    S&B = SO BORING. Please lock up sonny and put Brenda back with Jax. rThe character of sonny is completely repulsive and he should be written off or locked up, actually locked up and then written off permanently.