Fall Preview ’10: An Examination of the Eerie Similarities Between the CASTLE and BONES Season Premieres

An increasingly addictive will-they-or-won’t-they, a vocal and highly opinionated fan base, and a ridiculously likeable (not to mention easy-on-the-eyes) quartet of stars. While we by no means are the first TV Addicts to take note of the striking similarities between CASTLE and BONES, we are — following our sneak peek of their upcoming third and sixth season premieres respectively — the first to make a snazzy side-by-side comparison chart highlighting said similarities! See for yourself after the jump.

You can catch the season premiere of CASTLE on September 20th at 10PM on ABC, with BONES bowing on September 23rd at 8PM on FOX

  • After 5 seasons of Bones, I have lost interest in the will-they-wont-they part of the shows, I watch them for the character interactions. It's always going to be will-they-won't-they. I refuse to lie in anticipation.

    Is it wrong that I follow tv shows and its news everywhere yet I still don't know who Kristin Dos Santos is? (I'm posting this before hitting up google)

  • Can't wait for Bones!

  • historynut

    Hi FM. (waves)

    The last check in the last item??!!!!!!
    I am even more excited for Sept 23 if that is possible.


  • Pepper

    So basically, and the end of the tally, BONES is wins! Ha. IMO, Bones is way, way, way better. And the original. So Castle can take a hike.
    <3 Bones.

  • Lucia

    Screw it, I’ll just take a heaping helping of both shows. 😀 I’m greedy like that.

    (… And am I the only Girl!Nerd who looked up at the photo graphic thinking “Damn, can Whedon pick ’em or what?”)

  • Karlia

    So sick and tired of Bones these days, seriously. I don't know for sure but chemistry is off for me. Unlike with Castle.

  • Margaret

    Castle wins cause it has Fillion.

  • Yes, the two shows are pretty much the same, but Castle is better right now because it's newer and the formula isn't worn out like on Bones.

  • Anon

    Castle is a rip off of Bones. Create your own show instead of stealing the idea from someone else

  • I used to think so, too, anon, but the only similarity is author helping police to solve crimes. They're completely different and I love them both.

  • BonesFanForever

    Both shows r good but Bones takes the title hands down! Castle has copied one too many ideas from Bones and I agree that, to some extent, it is a cheaper version of Bones. However I cannot deny I like Castle too but Bones has MUCH better actors/actresses, better chemistry, better humour, better writers, better depth in main and secondary characters, better scripts and so much more! And Emily Deschanel is the most beautiful woman on Earth!!! Bones FTW!

  • Guest

    well i have seen more than one storyline in the past few seasons on Bones that have been on NCIS, which btw is better than Castle & Bones combined. shows like these work on a formula, so of course there is going to be many similarities between them, and you can't honestly think that Bones is the first show to come up with these

  • Cin

    I wish more BONES fans would read this and see the last check mark because I'm seriously fed up with seeing so much freakin' negativity! TV shows are, by their very nature, supposed to be ENTERTAINING! If you spend 99.5% of your time complaining about your “favorite” show and how B&B aren't together, then it is clearly NOT your favorite show and you are entirely too invested. I am a hardcore B&B shipper, but I also enjoy other elements of the show and I can't imagine only watching a show for two specific characters. I love Lauren Graham; she's one of my favorite actresses, but I cannot stand her new show Parenthood. Just because I adore her doesn't mean I'm doing to like everything she's in. Just because you love B&B doesn't mean that you should throw a fit and bang your keys (producing negative comments) because they aren't together yet and it's going to be season 6. We, as fans, have been told time and time again that it will happen EVENTUALLY, so why keep stressing? Just sit back and enjoy the ride to that time! Ask yourselves this one question: has Bones ever had an entire episode dedicated entirely to just one character's personal day-to-day life? NO. And it never will because it is not a totally character-based show like Friends or Modern Family. It's not just about this awesome group of people hanging out at work; it's about WHAT THEY ACCOMPLISH while at work. We get glimpses of their personal lives through the cases and that's how it is always going to be. If you honestly think that BAM, B&B get together and the next show is gonna be all about them spending the weekend with Parker at the zoo, cooking dinner together, and him teaching her the fine art of channel surfing, then you are in for a huge disappointment and should go back to living out this fantasy through fanfics because those scenarios are not what the TV show Bones is about. What will change once they are together? We'll see them eat together at the diner; we'll see them have drinks at the bar; we'll see them hanging out at someone's apartment; we'll see them hugging/holding hands… um, sounds pretty much like we see now? Sure, we'll see some kissing and maybe some scenes of them in bed or something, but the only thing that will really change for viewers is the fact that they now get this official label. Maybe we'll get some cute flirting at work but the show is, and always will be, about solving crimes. Deal with it. I had to do a huge twitter dump and have been avoiding all my favorite Bones blogs because I just can't handle all the negativity anymore and everyone talking about how HH & Co. will realize they have screwed up the show when they see their numbers down. I honestly predict that the numbers will be just as strong. I for one think that it's going to be a FANTASTIC season and can't wait to see this big twist!

  • Tommyboyno1

    I don't see any similarities, I mean besides both shows being about crime solving. But there are a gazillion of crime solving shows on TV. Castle writes for a living, Brennen writes as a hobby (or whatever). But the characters, the plotlines are different.

    Castle is more my taste, so I'm very excited for the season premiere but I watch Bones from time to time, and I'm curious to see what'll happen after last season's finale