Good News: Amy Poehler will host the September 25th season premiere of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. Bad News: Still without a premiere date following a phenomenal second season is Poehler’s actual day job, PARKS AND RECREATION, which according to a commitment phobic NBC is still only slated to premiere sometime “later this year.” [Source]

Good News: DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES creator Marc Cherry promises that he’s not doing another gimmicky natural disaster this year. Bad News: What he is doing, is another gimmicky character death! Revealing to TVGuide that, “My big cliffhanger right before we take our Christmas break will have to do with Paul Young. He has a plan for destroying the neighborhood. There will a shocking cliffhanger that effects everyone’s lives, and then right before February sweeps, we’re going to kill off one of our characters.” [Source]

Good News: Everybody’s favorite not-so-dynamic duo of Jeff and Lester are getting their very own CHUCK spinoff! Bad News: It’s web-only. Worse News: CHUCK PRESENTS – BUY HARD: THE JEFF AND LESTER STORY will only be available to US viewers on [Source]

  • Raked

    Marc Cherry needs to learn to keep his mouth shut. The biggest mistake of the finale season was his spoiling that Paul was returning to Wisteria Lane. Now we know why, and we're expecting something big (which I doubt the show can live up to, frankly). There's no surprise left in this show anymore. Wrap it up, it's time to go.

  • Agreed wholeheartedly. DH would be so much more interesting if Marc Cherry would stop spoiling every single little plot point!