Our 4th Annual “Guess the Cover” Contest: Entertainment Weekly Fall TV Preview 2010

This just in: After a summer jam-packed with reality TV and reruns, it’s finally safe to return to your living room. But before you do, why not take part in a TV Addict tradition: Predicting which lucky TV show will grace the cover of Entertainment Weekly’s Annual Fall TV Preview.

But before we get to the game, a few fun facts if we may. As you may-or-may-not recall from previous years, theTVaddict.com’s non-existent crack research staff has done a little digging and come to the conclusion that EW’s Fall TV Preview issue traditionally falls into one of two categories: Either highlighting one of the fall’s most buzzed about new shows (see covers for JOEY, PRIVATE PRACTICE and Jennifer Love Hewitt all-but-forgotten bomb TIME OF MY LIFE) or rewards the previous season’s ‘it’ show such as GOSSIP GIRL, DAWSON’S CREEK or LOST. Something else to consider before making your prediction — much like Sports Illustrated’s highly publicized cover jinx — gracing the cover of the Fall TV Preview issue may not be all that it’s cracked up to be. Just ask the creators of JOEY, MISS MATCH and TITANS how their shows are doing.

Which of course bring us to this September’s “Sophie’s Choice.” Will the magazine’s love affair with all-things Vampire give THE VAMPIRE DIARIES their first EW cover? Or will GLEE get their third (in less than one year!) Choose wisely in the comments below.

Our choice for this Fall’s EW Cover Boys (and GIrls!), complete with obligatory mock-up!

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  • Matt

    Modern Family or Big Bang. Although I think I said Big Bang last year, and was wrong. But with the move to Thursday, and a “Sheldon” win… it has a strong chance.

  • Well my first guess would be Modern Family too, since they just won all their Emmy's, and had a huge bunch of nominations, and is guaranteed an audience (unlike Community). Glee would be my next bet. The Event is a long shot, but a possibility.
    While I wouldn't mind a Vampire Diaries one, it might seem too CWish for the most important cover this season to them, and after True Blood's Rolling Stone cover, wouldn't have as much of the whole 'vampire' effect.

  • Modern Family has yet to have an EW cover. They even gave The Good Wife one last year. if Modern Family isn't the cover (my choice) it will get the one the week after. usually the week after Fall Preview there's another TV show (a hit) that gets a cover Like DH in season 3, of Greys in season 4. I;m thinking Glee will get a 3rd EW cover either one of these weeks

  • It's a toss up between The Event an No Ordinary Family, but I'd go with the latter.

  • It should be Chuck. It's an excellent show with a dedicated fan base that has stayed alive despite the odds.

    But, I'm sure it'll be whatever the lemmings are jumping off the cliff for right now.

  • joshemerson

    Lone Star. I never planned on watching it, but all of the positive buzz is making me rethink that.

    Or the other obvious choice is Modern Family. If they go with a returning show.

  • Kaitlin862

    I think its going to be Undercovers. I don't see a lot of buzz for any new show and being that both leads are african-american it would be a good one to spotlight. But Modern family is not a bad choice if thats what they go with.

  • kammie78

    I think it is a toss up between The Event and Modern Family…I would love to see a Vampire Diaries cover, but I don't think that will happen.

  • As always, your mock ups look as good if not better than many of their covers. Hope when they do a MF cover it has the whole family on it like this. EW covers don't usually have more than 3 ppl, but this would be a great exception to make.

  • Amy_D259

    I really hope it's not Glee but it seems like the obvious choice.

    My next guess would be Vamp Diaries or Modern Family.

    If they go for a new show my guess would be Lonestar and if not, then No Ordinary Family.

  • Alea

    My guess is totally Modern Family as well!

  • TVwithAbe

    I think it will be GLEE again, with Lea Michele and Cory Monteith gracing the cover.

  • CandyMaize

    As much as I'd love it to be Supernatural, I'm sure it won't. How about Hawaii 5-0

  • Ggny

    no doubt it is gonna be Modern Family

  • Megjoekayla


  • Liz

    Modern Family is probably my front runner, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Hawaii 5-0 either.

  • Babiebleu16

    I think it could go to The Event or Nikita

  • Jamie

    I think it will go to The Event or Nikita.

  • Boos

    My first guess was Vampire Diaries, that was before I saw your post. Now I want to vote Modern Family. It seems like the most obvious, deserving choice. I will be disappointed if it's not. No way should it be a new show. I feel like they've learned the hard way not to put new shows on the Fall Cover. (And please say no to Glee). And the whole cast like you have here.

  • El

    Looks like it they decided to go for badly photoshopped photos from several series

  • Not gonna lie, very disappointed!