FALL TV Preview ’10: Download Your Guide to 21 New Fall Shows

A series about ordinary people discovering they have extraordinary abilities (NO ORDINARY FAMILY), a genetically blessed family of oil tycoons deep in the heart of texas (LONE STAR), and reboots of popular 70’s (HAWAII FIVE-0) and 90’s (NIKITA) television shows respectively.

Suffice to say, if there is one thing Network Executives love more that the words “18-49 demographic,” it’s a series with an already built in audience. Apparently, nothing sells like nostalgia. Which is why in celebration of the new Fall season which is finally upon us, we too are turning back the clock by offering up — for the first time ever — an equally nostalgic “Print Edition” (Remember Magazines, those things you used to buy in airports) of our Annual Fall TV Preview. 

From the return of a few familiar friends (Alex O’Loughlin, Jimmy Smits, and Joanna Garcia) to the introduction of some soon-to-be new ones (UNDERCOVERS dynamic duo of Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw), you’ll find all the scoop on 21 new shows courtesy of our resident TV critic Aleks Chan as well as a calendar to ensure you don’t miss a moment. Simply click here to download, and Happy Viewing.

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    That is awesome! I literally agree on everything. Outsourced which I probably will watch the first episode just because I need to see how bad it is. I'll watch the first episode of almost everything, and I'll most likely end up sticking around for all the ones you said to record and watch.

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