Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Reasons Why You May Want to Avoid HELLCATS

hellcats cast

“So what you get from HELLCATS is a wildly derivative wish-fulfillment view of college life made to appeal to junior-high girls, most of whom are too young to recognize how many shows and movies HELLCATS has appropriated.” USA TODAY

“Granted, you’ve probably seen this story before. Pre-law student loses scholarship. Pre-law student joins cheerleading squad. It’s been done a million times. But obviously the CW wanted to milk the popularity of shows like GLEE, which has singing and dancing. And is enormously popular. You can’t blame the CW (except maybe for leaving out the creativity, for having a terrible script and for the acting, which hurts to witness).” SFGATE

“So do some of the worst, a point underscored by HELLCATS, a new CW series on Wednesdays, about cheerleaders, that is absolutely awful. GLEE has proved that there is plenty of room for innovation and wit in the youthful-angst genre, but HELLCATS, inspired by the 2000 movie Bring It On, doesn’t even try.” THE NY TIMES

“… Pick any antonym for “glee” and this show defines it. It is mean-spirited, painfully dumb and badly acted. … HELLCATS tosses your brain up high and lets it splat on the gymnasium floor. It depicts a college experience that only a tween could envision, where everyone is deceitful, partially naked and late for class.” THE WASHINGTON POST

” HELLCATS is poorly paced and its attempts at comedy and drama stumble. … The network figures to get a jump on the fall premieres by airing this, the first new show of the season, two weeks before the Sept. 20 premiere week. Any audience it might gather will flip once the other networks return with new episodes. …” THE BOSTON HERALD

HELLCATS premieres Wednesday September 8th on the CW at 9PM (“A” Channel in Canada)

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  • Lynn

    I still can’t believe the CW chooses to pick up crap like this show instead of stuff with actual substance like The Body Politic or something similar. This is The Beautiful Life all over again. DOA.

  • 1 Reason to see Hellcats' 3rd episode>> Gale Harold quest stars

  • angrodpallanen

    The only reason to even give this show a chance would be for the two ex-OTH-ers in the middle. But we all know Hellcats was a easy addition to the CW's schedule and is more a fil in for when they have budget enough to produce the next Nikita for 2011. I think Hellcats is doomed to be this year's Beautiful Life or whatever it was called. It depends on how much free time I have tomorrow to sit through this, otherwise it will just vanish into thin air.

  • Damn, I just got here after reading a good review of it. Looks like I'm leaving it for the weekends…

  • And you guys are supposed to trust what the critics say other than your own views? C'mon! Give it a chance…

  • Jax

    Ill give it a chance just because there are shows that arent what they seem and because i allways see all shows 1rst episode even if the look as bad as this. But come one it will be destroyed, cancelled in 3 to 7 episodes (most likely 3) u cant compete againts emmy winners. Modern Family is at the same time, followed by cougar town and if u dont like modern family it would mean u like shows like csi, so u will be watching criminal minds.

    Yes i know thers something wonderful called DVR but y would u DVR it thes just so much time in a day and u have to see other shows.

  • PopCandy

    Why all the hate? I haven't seen it, and I'm not planning to, but from what I've heard it looks like a fun yet brainless series. There's better ways to spend your time, sure, but this kind of post seems way to harsh.

  • saw it a while ago and it was fun and border on brainless but still it has some brains loved the script by the way…

    as for its competition, Modern Family's good as well as Cougar Town but I would love some teen drama as well.

  • Megan

    If you're looking for a show to change your life, then no Hellcats isn't for you. However if you're looking for an hour to turn your life off and enjoy someone else's drama with a little bit of fun then it is. I think everyone's being too hard on it and frankly let's look at who these writers are. Most of these journalists don't love and watch TV as much as some of the us digital journalists do. We watch TV religiously, and I've seen the pilot. It's fun, with a good cast, a decent script, and overall it's worth a watch.

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  • SonicDaHedgehog

    Well. Personally, i love the show, probably because i love ashley tisdale, so her acting i love in it. but i find the show good, i mean there isnt that many cheerleadering shows out there, good that they made one!!