An In Depth Look At… THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Wedding Shocker!

It’s been an interesting couple of months for THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Billy and Victoria. The unconventional couple got married in Jamaica, found out that union wasn’t legal, broke up, got back together and this week, find their latest attempt to become man and wife thwarted by — who else? — her dad!

“If there’s one thing everybody in Genoa City knows, it’s that the Newmans despise the Abbott’s… and vice versa,” explains Soaps In Depth executive editor Richard M. Simms. “Which of course means that they keep falling for one another! Victor married Ashley, Nikki married Jack. But all of those rocky unions were just sort of laying the groundwork for the ultimate merger of the two clans, which began when against all odds, Victoria fell for Billy.”

Obviously, their respective families haven’t been too thrilled about the idea of the pair — who are expecting a baby — tying the knot. “Thank God for Nikki!” says Simms. “She actually helped the couple get all their ducks in a row so they could have this nice wedding and not fly off for a quickie ceremony in Vegas. But as they say, the soap opera ain’t over until the lady says ‘I do’, and the bride’s dad has something up his sleeve that will definitely throw a major wrench into the festivities.”

What else is in the new issue? With AS THE WORLD TURNS airing it’s final episode on Friday, September 17, the mag asks past and present stars which storylines they’ll never forget and sits down for an interview with Colleen Zenk (Barbara) on what the future holds for her. Then, Adrienne Frantz (Amber) explains how her alter ego’s naughty side is emerging just as the actress herself is settling down thanks to beau Scott Bailey (who was GUIDING LIGHT’s Sandy). And Y&R’s Christian Jules LeBlanc (Michael) takes readers

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  • Auggie

    First I have to see Billy and Victoria being crammed down my throat on Y&R and now SID gives them another cover issue instead of honoring ATWT leaving the airwaves. Billy and Victoria are so contrived and rushed. I am also getting sick and tired of this crap of saying they are ” Romeo and Juliet”, give me a damn break. So Victoria gets arrested at her wedding just like Phyllis did. MAB and CO. needs to stop steal ideas from movies, tv shows, and past writing regimes.

  • Jennifer

    Love seeing Billy and Victoria on the cover! They are my favorite soap couple ever!!! The two of them look gorgeous on the cover. I will definitely be buying this issue!

  • nally

    I love that it is being given recognition that everything else is the past is nothing compared to the magic that we have in Victoria and Billy, these 2 dynasty characters are the future supercouple of this show, this is where the future and Y&R lies!

  • sassywife1

    Love the wedding. Love Billy and Victoria! They are stunning to watch and have brought life back into Y & R!

  • Slylumi

    I love Billy and Victoria together. Their wedding was perfect minus the arrest

  • Athorn

    Love every issue I see that has Billy and Victoria on the cover of it. I love this couple they are my favorite couple in all of daytime. Because of Billy and Victoria I know enjoy watching Y and R again and they are the reason.

  • Rachelle

    I absolutely adore this couple thank heavens for Nikki helping Victoria on her special day! YR truly has supercouple with Billy and Victoria! Thank goodness Victor wasn't successful in stopping them from getting married! That cover is absolutely gorgeous!

  • billitoria4ever

    I love Victoria and Billy together, they are the perfect couple. They are fun, entertaining and bring the romance back to this show which has been dark for so long… They are a much needed breath of fresh air… Hope they last a long time and I cant wait for them to have their baby!!!

  • lovevilly4ever

    I love them together, they are fun, entertaining and bring much needed romance to the show!!! The wedding was beautiful.

  • Mcchesney27

    This couple is truly AMAZING!!! The wedding, minus the arrest of course, was BEAUTIFUL!!! I loved it!!

  • flyhigh5

    I love Billy and Victoria! They are one of the main reasons I've fallen in love with Y&R again!

  • Mandy

    I just love Victoria & Billy: they are a sexy, romantic, spontaneous, loveable and funny couple.