Another FRINGE First Look: Watcha Looking at Olivia!?

Good News: FOX recently sent us this exclusive photo from an upcoming episode of FRINGE. Thanks, FOX! Bad News: We’re not exactly going to be getting any spoilers outta this rather generic pic. Oooh. What’s Olivia looking at? (Not a clue!) But… um… we’re sure it’s something mysterious/creepy/spooky/pretty/revealing! Thus, rather than continue to ramble (Look kids, we work with what we’ve got here!) we’ll simply call it a day by reminding you that FRINGE returns two weeks from tonight on September 23 at 8PM on FOX. Be there.

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  • RPA

    Well, the picture is not from an upcoming episode of fringe, it's from a promo shot of the cast, there's nothing to spoil there 🙂 but Anna Torv as Olivia looks amazing

  • RPA,
    Good eye. And my Fox contact didn't make me aware of this prior to posting, but this indeed a promotional photo, not an episodic one.

  • Cin_kong

    Anna Torv appears as the alternate version Olivia in all the promo stills so far.