Got a Question For Your Favorite DEGRASSI Star?

One of the only few benefits to living north of the 49th parallel (read: Canada) is that every once in a while an opportunity like this comes along. ‘This’ being, the chance to interview some of your favorite DEGRASSI stars from this past summer’s fantastic 10th season. So if you’ve got a question for Aislinn Paul (Clare), AJ Saudin (Connor), Alicia Josipovic (Bianca), Argiris Karras (Riley), Charlotte Arnold (Holly J), Cory Lee (Ms. Oh), Daniel Kelly (Owen), Jordan Todosey (Adam), Luke Bilyk (Drew), Munro Chambers (Eli), Raymond Ablack (Sav), Shannon Kook-Chun (Zane) and/or Spencer Van Wyck (Wesley) feel free to post away in the comments below and depending on who we get a chance to speak to tomorrow, we’ll endeavor to get them answered.. Oh, and on the off chance you live in Toronto, you too can meet the cast in person at 98 Yorkville Ave from 2-3PM tomorrow. 

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  • Oh, fun! I really enjoyed the last season.

    I'm curious how they're going to handle the Riley/Zane romance going forward and whether Riley's out for good. No more back and forth, please.

    Any Declan/Holly J./Sav intel would be awesome too! Much to my surprise, I really grew to like Holly J. and Declan.

  • Also, what do they think of their more famous Degrassi alums (Shanea, Nina, Aubrey) and do they watch/listen to their work?

  • Raymond Ablack, you've been on the show for a while now, which has been your favorite episode to shoot?

  • JRLogan727

    Alicia Josipovic, you've been filming the tenth season (the best season of the series run!) for a while now. Will there be any episodes centering around your character, Bianca? If you've seen Degrassi before, who would you compare your character to?

  • Tristincbrown

    Alicia Josipovic, you are a AMAZING actress/dancer. i saw a dancer in CAMP ROCK 2 that looked just like you. Was it you?

  • Tristincbrown

    Hey Aislinn Paul! You are the show's strongest female actress. I can actually feel Claire's pain when her parent's fight. Is it ture that JESUS, ETC. is about Claire, and that she becomes gothic?

  • Jhonmarco

    To all the cast members what is your favorite season and character from degrassi? And to Munro how do you deal with all the insane love form the girls you get lol

  • AlliBfan

    Alli I think that you are the best character ever. My question is why do you exactly run away?

  • Sydney Hight

    I enjoy Claire and Eli…..alot! I wish there was a casting for freshmens!!!! I’m 14 with a dream! 🙂

  • AlexisAshcroft

    i love Munro Chambers. ( :
    my New Favorite Actor.
    i hope you and Clare make it through .

  • 111596

    I wonder if Eli would go out with a 15 year old and i am his number 1# fan i love him :-*