Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions with PAIR OF KINGS Star Mitchel Musso

mitchel musso

Mitchel Musso just can’t wait to be king. And lucky for him, he doesn’t have to. For after four years of playing second fiddle to Hannah Montana, 19-year old Mitchel Musso is about to have his moment. As one of two teen kings of a mysterious island in the new comedy adventure series PAIR OF KINGS, Musso joins fellow Disney alum Doc Shaw (THE SUITE LIFE ON DECK), in their very own series Disney Channel series premiering tonight at 9PM.

Did you ever expect HANNAH MONTANA to turn into the phenomenon that it did?
Mitchel Musso: I didn’t and I still don’t, it never hit me. Really! We were all just a big family over there. It was the easiest shoot I’ve ever done in my life and that went on for six years, which is a long time to put up with people that you’ve never met in your life. We had fun, we grew up on that show, I went to school there, my teachers were there and most of my childhood was spent there.

What is it that attracted you to another TV show versus, say, a movie career?
I love the live part of doing television. You have an audience every week. I’m so used to playing shows, doing my music, and it’s better for me to react off of large amounts of people. I need a crowd to do 100 percent, and in movies you don’t really get that, it’s very intimate, it’s a tough job.

What is PAIR OF KINGS about?
It’s all about me and my hilarious twin brother (Doc Shaw) who were raised in Chicago, but born on this magical island called Kinkow. When our parents pass, they discover that they’ve inherited this island. These two ridiculous kids are given an island, it’s absurd! But it’s magical, hilarious and I can’t wait for everybody to tune in.

Also magical is how you, unlike many of your peers have avoided becoming a young Hollywood cliché! How did you do it?
I don’t know. I think it’s just a personality thing. There are certain types of people who get involved and gravitate towards that scene, whereas I just stay away from all the stupid stuff. I’d rather sit here and talk to you.

Do you feel any added pressure now that you’re headlining a show?
On HANNAH I wasn’t the star, I was a little portion, but that doesn’t really matter because everybody on the show, no matter how small a role, counted. But do I love PAIR OF KINGS because I get to star in the show, get much more to do and get to use my talent, progress and keep excelling at what I love to do? Definitely!

You can catch the series premiere of PAIR OF KINGS Friday September 10th at 9PM on Disney Channel, and then follow it to Wednesdays at 8PM on Disney XD.

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