Point/Counterpoint: GOSSIP GIRL Season Premiere

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Two TV Addicts. Two differing opinions. One question: Team “Aleks” or Team “TV Addict?” Post away in the comments below.

POINT: When did Josh Schwartz’s ode to east coast indulgence become so hollow? Hollower? Perhaps that everything-but-the-kitchen-sink season finale (complete with an out of nowhere pregnancy) finally put it over the edge, but I fondly recall a GOSSIP GIRL that deliciously balanced opulence and sharp, designer-clad wit; it is now a saddening shadow of its former self. The first two hours of its fourth season are traipsed along the streets of Paris with the two least-convincing best friends, Serena and Blair (Blake Lively and Leighton Meester), as they try to move past their New York love affairs. What was once premium soap is now labored smut. Grade: D+ – Aleks Chan

COUNTERPOINT: While it’s hard to argue that Serena and Blair’s tired rivalry is about as interesting as anything involving Dan (who astoundingly enough, the writers have managed to make even less interesting by saddling him with a baby that may-or-may-not be his), everything, including tonight’s season premiere is more fun in the City of Light! Also more fun, Vanessa who much to our surprise delivers the episodes funniest line of the night in describing a part of Georgina’s anatomy, Katie Cassidy who as mysterious newcomer Juliet quickly catches the eye of one Nate Archibald, and the surprising circumstances surrounding the reappearance of one Chuck Bass. Perfect… far from it, but once again Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz manage to give us just enough to keep us coming back for more. Grade: B- – The TV Addict

You can catch brand new episodes of GOSSIP GIRL Monday nights at 9PM on the CW (8PM on MuchMusic in Canada)

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  • I swore I was over it with season 3's ending, but i'm giving it through paris to win me back.

  • Simon Polidano

    love it…i agree with the counterpoint! Aleks dont be such a tvpooper…like the show for what it is….!!