90210 Returns and We’ve Got Your Good, Bad and Ugly

90210 cast season 3

THE GOOD: The earthquake rocked! No really. What on paper came across as little more than yet another desperate attempt by scatterbrained showrunner Rebecca Sinclair to grab some headlines, was actually a fantastic way in which to kick off the season. Giving Naomi a gut-wrenching and highly-believable way in which to confront her attacker (Mr. Cannon), offer up our favorite will-the-or-won’t-they Annie and Liam an opportunity to reconnect, and provide the impetus for Teddy to quit tennis and begin his highly publicized journey out of the proverbial you-know-what. Also falling under the category of good was the little something something newly minted series regular Ivy brought back from Australia. Indeed, the only thing that shakes things up in Los Angeles more than an earthquake, is a bad boy with an accent! Which brings us to….

THE BAD: The fact that the earthquake didn’t do more damage! Seriously. Despite welcome additions of Teddy, Liam and now Oscar, stellar episodes like last night do little more than serve as a constant reminder of how utterly superfluous poorly conceived original characters Dixon and Navid are.

THE UGLY: You mean aside from Silver pulling an Emma Watson? How about the ludicrously unbelievable and quite frankly borderline insulting way in which the writers “solved” Annie’s anguish over last year’s season long hit-and-run story. No word of a lie, we had to rewind our DVR/PVR multiple times in order to make sure that we heard it correctly. After not only neglecting to report that she was involved in KILLING somebody, but FAILING TO REMAIN at the scene of the crime and COVERING it up for OVER A YEAR, Annie Wilson got off with a summer of House Arrest and Probation until 25! In the immortal words of SNL’s Seth & Amy, “Really?” And don’t even get us started on the all-too-convenient nature of Javier’s car accident.

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  • angrodpallanen

    I saw Javier's car crash coming, but when it hit it was great! Loved the story line it set up with Ade. As for the new guy from Australia, he's the only thing that bothers me. Really? He's going to break up Ivy and Dixon, just as we've accepted Ivy as a regular? Really? As for the other story lines, just reminded me why 90210 was my favorite show last year.

  • I'm embarrassed to admit that I didn't see the car crash coming at all. That said, I have nothing against Ivy and Dixon breaking up. From the start, Dixon was a poorly conceived character and easily the least interesting on the show.

  • angrodpallanen

    I guess maybe, but I'm a brown-skinned-adopted-guy-living-in-an-all-white-world too, so I've always seen Dixon as the guy who just goes through it all. But I can see why others might not relate (after all, with that description you're bound to have a small fanbase). But to me Dixon is better written than say, way-too-old-for-high-school-cliche-jock Teddy.
    But seriously, spoiled boy tells car to drive on other line…and you're not tipped off?

  • Cam3150

    I was on the verge of bailing out of this show (just too many others that I watch and not enough time) but last night's episode has me hooked again. I agree, Dixon is, by far, the least interesting characater on the show. It's not even so much the character but the actor. He does such a poor, bland job that I have no interest whatsoever in Dixon. In fact, I FF through all of his scenes, made even less bearable by his ridiculous relationship w/ Ivy. Surprisingly, I actually like her with the new guy. They have tons of chemistry. Also loved Naomi and her storyline. I'm excited to see how that plays out. I thoguht the Adrianna storyline was good too. I never liked Javier so I won't miss him.

    One “Ugly” you forgot: the Kardashians. Seriously, they are TERRIBLE actressees. May I never have to witness them on my TV screen again.

  • Nick

    Ivy in cutoffs and halter top. I need no further reason to watch. She is by far the hottest chick on the show. That dream sequence with her and Oscar….whew. Dixon and his new bufont 'do…man, get the kid a story.

  • SaneN85

    What grates me is that Tristan was so great on the Wire, seeing Dixon actually makes me go back and like Micheal even less. 🙁