Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Things That Make Us Go “Hmmmm…”

After forcing stars Jordana Spiro and Kyle Howard to exit both LOVE BITES and PERFECT COUPLES respectively as a result of contractual obligations to their little watched comedy MY BOYS, TBS has officially done what everybody expected them to do months ago, cancel MY BOYS.

In this week’s Entertainment Weekly Fall TV Preview, CASTLE executive producer Andrew Marlowe teased that “tension will be amped up with the arrival of a serial killer known as the Triple killer.” Quick, can somebody get this guy a copy of DEXTER season four on DVD? Seriously. We’re all for for the Nathan Fillion vehicle going all out in an effort to stave off the surefire popularity of their much-buzzed about new time slot competitor HAWAII FIVE-0, we’re just not sure inviting comparisons to John Lithgow’s Emmy winning performance as the somewhat similarly monikered “Trinity Killer” is really the best way to go.

Despite having made piece with the common practice that is TV Studios releasing seasons on DVD within mere spitting distance of a show’s season premiere in an effort to get the most marketing bang for their buck, rather than provide fans the opportunity to possibly catch up. We do feel it necessary — particularly on the eve of LIFE UNEXPECTED’s second season premiere — to ask the somewhat awkward, albeit painfully obvious question: Just how are fans supposed to jump on the bandwagon when somebody forgot to release LIFE UNEXPECTED’s first season on DVD?

Following one of the most publicly scrutinized contract negotiations in recent history, it appears that Fox and Team J.Lo have finally reached an agreement to pay the artist formerly known as “Jenny from the Block” a mere 12 million dollars for a season of sitting behind a desk and quashing the dreams of IDOL hopefuls on AMERICAN IDOL. The operative word phrase here being, “a single season.” Which means, after months upon months of fervent speculation and rumor, we’ll see you all back here next year for round 2!

Today marks the one year anniversary of the embarrassing debacle that was THE JAY LENO SHOW on NBC. Remind us again who thought that was a good idea? Oh right, that would be no one!

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  • seriously, Andrew Marlowe isn't embarrassed to toot his castle horn about the near clone to Dexter s3 plot arch?

  • kevin

    my boys was a good show. i'm gonna miss it.