Watch, PVR, Pass: Tuesday September 14, 2010

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  • Dave

    20 min into OTH and it is completely pointless…. Seriously last season finale was a dream? What a cop out.

  • really?! LOL!

    Good thing I only watch LUX.

  • Dave

    At first. The bad thing was it was a dream, but it was a dream for the dying people…… I think I can finally say I am done with OTH though.

  • Missy Me

    If you had watch it until the end, you'd know it was NOT a dream…

  • Seriously? You don't watch or PVR SOA? That show is killer! Watched that live, and DVR'ed Parenthood for tonight.

    One another note, so happy that LUX is back!

  • Nicole,

    SOA, like BREAKING BAD are one of those shows that I'm ashamed to admit I have to catch up on.

  • It is soooooo good! Once you do, you will be hooked (I PROMISE)!! Get to watchin my man, LOL!