Watch, PVR, Pass: Wednesday September 15, 2010

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  • Big D

    I'm little surprised to see Outlaw and Hellcats recommended as to record, given how you reviewed them elsewhere on the site. I guess the reasoning is at least they are new? I think I'll record Hellcats as a potential guilty pleasure. I see no sense in using any hard drive space on Outlaw.

  • Big D,
    Allow me to explain. Since there is nothing else on I'm giving HELLCATS one more shot. Needless to say, when ABC's lineup returns next week, next week's schedule will more probably look very different. As for OUTLAW, I haven't actually seen the pilot and while I haven't heard much positive about it, I am a big fan of Jimmy Smitts since his days at President Matthew Santos on THE WEST WING.

  • Ali

    I'm also giving Hellcats another shot, partly because there's nothing else on. I haven't heard any good reviews for Outlaw, so I'm not even going to waste my time. I'll be watching Terriers because I really liked the first episode.

  • For me, I think Hellcats is doing good but when other networks resume their own programming this would be the time Hellcats would really need more viewers. I personally think that CW has done something good that they put Hellcats on Wednesdays. Although they might have some competition by next week.

    I do not have plans on watching Outlaw. I am not a total fan of courtroom dramas.