An Apology From the TV Addict (Re: Last Night’s TV Recommendations)

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Dear Readers,

Yesterday, in our nightly roundup of “Watch, PVR, Pass,” we recommended giving the second episode of HELLCATS and the first episode of OUTLAW a try. This morning, we’d like to take this opportunity to apologize. We’re sorry. Really sorry.

Having nothing better to do on a given night is simply no excuse for so carelessly tossing out recommendations. The second episode of HELLCATS — or as we like to call it — the CW’s desperate attempt to capture some of GLEE’s audience by peppering outlandish dance breaks throughout each and every episode was just as tedious and boring as the first (To paraphrase a tweet from last night, “In the immortal words of Roger Murtaugh, ‘I’m too old for this $#*!’.”) While OUTLAW’s ridiculously predictable story-line and criminally unoriginal characters (Lucinda Pearl, the unorthodox private investigator played by Carly Pope who uses sex appeal and wit to gather information is absolutely nothing like THE GOOD WIFE’s Kalinda!) had us wishing Jimmy Smits would smarten up and give in to THE WEST WING spin-off America (okay, we) have been so vocally clamouring for.

Again, we’re sorry. We can only hope that tonight’s recommendations which will include the second episodes of NIKITA and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES in addition to the return of IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA will be a first step in the long and arduous process to re-earning your trust.

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  • I would've watched them both anyways. Outlaw had to be watched because if someone just told me that Jimmy Smits' law show was not good at all, I wouldn't believe them, so I would have always needed to find out for myself. Hellcats, yeah, we kinda expected it to not be a great show, but in the absence of everything else, its decent filler.

  • joshemerson

    The previews for Outlaw actually looked good. I didn't bother checking it out though. Looks like I didn't miss much!

  • Nick

    CW had a real opportunity on Wednesdays. I hope the performance of Hellcats is everything they hoped for. There's only so much a guy can take…

    Thank the stars for Thursday and Friday nights on The CW (along with Life Unexpected)…the only nights which truly matter to most fans (okay, ME).

  • shana

    Best apology ever. In the immortal words of Lauren Conrad: “You know what you did!”

  • I only made it 15 minutes into the first episode of Nikita. I can't blame you for the first recommendation, because it was the first episode. A second recommendation is just sad.

  • Margaret

    I'd like to stop watching 'Hellcats' but Gale Harold comes into it in Ep 3. Re 'Outlaw' – I've need seen such a rip off of a character as they did with Carly Pope (with 'The Good Wife') – so annoying.