An In Depth Look At… GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Sexy Shake-Up!

If you can’t be with the one you love, we all know that the only option is, as the song advises, to love the one you’re with. And that’s exactly what GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Sonny does this week when, rejected by Brenda, he turns to Claire for a little hanky panky! Meanwhile, in Rome, Sam’s worst nightmare is coming true as Jason and Brenda hit the town together and the sparks fly!

“Brenda and Jason have a really fun relationship,” shares Soaps In Depth executive editor Richard M. Simms of the formerly-wed pair. “It’s definitely a love/hate thing, but not in the traditional sense. The love is more of a brother for his sister, and so is the hate. You know how you absolutely adore your sibling but, at the same time, they’re the person who can push your buttons better than anyone else? That’s what it’s like for Brenda and Jason.”

Sonny and Claire, on the other hand, are all about the chemistry. “Claire has been wanting to get Sonny between the sheets pretty much since he first flashed those dimples of his at her,” says the editor. “For a while, she insisted she wanted no romance and that it was all about her getting pregnant. And let’s face it, in Port Charles, if you wanna have a baby, Sonny’s the guy to go to. Sometimes, it seems as if he can get a woman pregnant just by looking at her across the dinner table!”

But next week, a photograph of supermodel Brenda and her bodyguard, Jason, in a compromising position will rock the small upstate New York town. “Sam, Jax, Carly, Sonny… it’s going to really mess with a lot of heads!” previews Simms.

Elsewhere in the issue, look for an interview with the woman whose alter ego is giving ALL MY CHILDREN’s Greenlee a run for the money in the Ryan-lovin’ department, Stephanie Gatschet (Madison). And ONE LIFE TO LIVE fans won’t want to miss that show’s sister act, Bree Williamson (Jessica) and Melissa Archer (Natalie), doing a joint interview about the baby mess that’s threatening to ruin their on-screen love lives! And GH’s Chad Duell (Michael) opens up about, you know, that storyline.

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  • Sanen85

    Eff the return of Brenda. Just eff it.

  • soapfan

    When Sonny and Claire are on the screen, why do I feel like I am watching a tennis match where the ball is hit out of bounds every time it is hit back and forth? They are so lackluster and awkward and the scenes feel forced. Claire always looks like she is working hard to not burst out laughing in every scene. I'm not feeling any chemistry between the actors or characters. At this point, they have made Claire an expendable character.

    I enjoyed the scenes between Jason and Brenda. They still have the bantering down pat and there is an energy in their scenes that I have not seen between Brenda and any other characters this time around.

  • Petunia Horsefeather

    Sonny and Claire are boring, boring, boring! As far as them making love–love has nothing to do with it. All it is, is two people using each other for sex. Plain and simple… Bring back the old fashion romance on the soaps, PLEASE!!

  • Lisa

    Sonny and Claire have no chemistry at all! There is a disconnect between the characters that their relationship lacks romance and seems forced. I was hoping Claire would be gone after Sonny's trial was over. She was a great prosecutor, but this story has ruined the character. What is she now? She can't work as a prosecutor in PC because she can't prosecute Sonny or Jason and they seem to be the only people who go on trial! Sonny and Claire are a big miss. They should have ended before they began.

    As for Jason and Brenda, they have some chemistry. I can tolerate Brenda's ridiculous behavior more with Jason than with Sonny. It's hard to watch Brenda still act like a 20-year-old when she looks over 40. Sorry, I was a Brenda fan the first two times she was on, but I'm just not feeling it this time. Very disappointing.

  • banou

    First of all I hope Clair doesn't get pregnant by Sonny that would be sooo ridiculous.
    I don't see anything interesting about this new sex affair story and I don't care for Claire. She is yet another woman who showed up at Sonny's door in the right time. She is not the type Sonny would be attracted to. Claire is not a strong woman like Kate nor a fighter like Carly. It was enough to see them flirting, now I can't stand them to have a romantic relation because there is definitely no chemistry or connection between the actors or characters. His connection is with next door neighbor!

    I like Jason and Brenda. He is the only one who don’t buy into her princess act and stubbornness. Fun to watch.

  • usedtobeaghfan

    Sonny and Claire?? You've got to be kidding me. How much is Guza paying you to shovel that crap? Jason and Brenda are hilarious together…that one I'll give you. As far as romance for Sonny is concerned…until they return Sonny and Kate, I'll continue to tune out and wait for GH to be the next cancelled soap.

  • Shilo0854

    ABC GH idiots in charge it’s time to just close up shop if you continue as planned. Jasam is not your savior.