• Go inside: The DEXTER Writer’s Room
• Change we can believe in, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert announce duelling Washington D.C. rallies.
• Love Jennifer Love Hewitt? Than you’ll love this news.
• Out: Desperate Housewives, In: Good Christian Bitches.
• The beat goes on… for MEMPHIS BEAT which gets picked up for a second season.
• Q&A: With RAISING HOPE star Martha Plimpton.
• Still mourning the loss of your favorite brilliant-but-canceled TV show? Find out why!

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  • joshemerson

    That's a good article on canceled TV shows. This past season, it was tougher to say goodbye to the Suarez family than I had thought it would be.

  • If it helps Josh, I just had the chance to see the first episode of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and Vanessa Williams plays a toned down version of Wilhelmina Slater!

  • joshemerson

    That was basically a given, wasn't it? lol The promo is great though. I'm going to watch! And I haven't watched that show in years.

  • Well, Dexter is something else. It's very refreshing to see the series like this, unlike anything you had chance to see on television. Dexter is based on the Jeff Lindsay first novel in the book series about Dexter called Darkly Dreaming Dexter. First season is the only season based on the book and later seasons have their own original (but not that great) storyline. Dexter is a dark tale about the serial killer that also narrates the story.