A Non-TV Addicts Perspective of the New Fall Season

There are three types of people in this world. There are TV Addicts, who are acutely aware that tonight marks the official start of the Fall TV season. There are Network Executives, who will be spending the next week or so collectively holding their breath as they anxiously wait to discover whether the hundreds of millions of dollars they invested into their new fall slates was put to good use. And then there are the regular people, who have absolutely no clue as to the significance of this evening.

No, really. As it turns out, there are actually people whose life — get this — doesn’t revolve around waking up first thing tomorrow morning and looking up just how many viewers in the 18-49 demographic tuned into last night’s instalment of CHUCK! And what’s more, we spent and evening with them and lived to tell the tale.

Yet rather than judge these so-called “normals” who spell Joss Whedon’s name with an “h” at the end and wouldn’t know their Booth from their Brennan, we thought we’d use them as an opportunity to gain a little perspective. Which new shows are the average person looking forward to this Fall? We collected a cross section of people who may-or-may-not-have been already attending a family gathering to find out. See for yourself, after the jump.

Regular Person #1: Amy, 33
Occupation, if life were a TV Show: No need, she works at an actual Parks and Recreation department!
Number of hours per week of TV watched: 7 or 8
Current Favorites: Shows she classifies as “chick stuff” including PARENTHOOD, GREY’S ANATOMY, and shows we classify as “embarrassing stuff” like DATING IN THE DARK.
New shows she’s looking forward to: Struggled to name a single new show. Ouch!

Regular Person #2: Jonathan, 22
Occupation, if life were a TV Show: Eric from ENTOURAGE
Number of hours per week of TV watched: 22
New shows he’s looking forward to: Claims THE EVENT “looks pretty cool,” and mentions HBO’s BOARDWALK EMPIRE. Latter of which may simply be in an effort to combat the fact that he’s been known to quote “The Situation” on more then one occasion.

Regular Person #3: Cara, 50ish
Occupation, if life were a TV Show: Nora Walker. If Nora’s husband was both alive and faithful.
Number of hours per week of TV watched: 20
Current Favorites: MAD MEN and much to the chagrin of certain members of her family, any show with the word “BACHELOR” in it.
New show she’s looking forward to: NIKITA, and sadly, THE BACHELOR.

Regular Person #4: Jeff, 30
Occupation, if life were a TV Show: Richard Fish on ALLY MCBEAL.
Number of hours per week of TV watched: 16
Current Favorites: Anything that involves Tiger Woods.
New show he’s looking forward to: A golf tournament that Tiger Woods doesn’t lose.

Regular Person #5: Rebecca, 27
Occupation, if life were a TV Show: Real Housewife of Toronto.
Number of hours per week of TV watched: 20
New show she’s looking forward to: A Snooki spin-off.

Regular Person #6: Heidi, 50ish
Occupation, if life were a TV Show: Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin Sabre
Number of hours per week of TV watched: 4
Current Favorites: THE GOOD WIFE and anything on the BBC.
New show she’s looking forward to: New show he’s looking forward to: “Superpower Family,” but you might know it by it’s real name, NO ORDINARY FAMILY!

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  • Sanen85

    I'm sorry, but if your view habits include 20+ hours of television a week, you may as well admit you're a TV addict like the rest of us.

  • joshemerson

    Agreed! I consider myself a TV addict and I don't know if I actually reach over 20 hours a week.

  • joshemerson

    These ordinary people are all Canadians, right? I don't think the network execs care whether they watch the new shows. 😉

  • hilsto

    Back in college I had to explain to my roommates how tv works. They had no idea what ratings were, fall sweeps, the word hiatus in general, where the money comes from to make tv shows, any of it. *headdesk* On the other hand, I SHOULDN'T have to know all that crap but I do from 15 years of various Save Our Show campaigns.

  • What I found interesting was how little info the participants of my little survey knew about the new season. I figured that just by osmosis, somebody would mention HAWAII FIVE-0, yet nothing!

  • I do not have a single tv addicted friend. Most of them only watch HIMYM, Castle, White Collar, Bones and reruns of Friends. And although I have gotten a few to watch a bunch of other shows, they aren't as invested as I hoped they would be. And some don't watch anything at all, I call them the Others.

  • angrodpallanen

    A lot of people watch 3-5 hours a day on average, but from those hours only little actually contains scripted hours of TV. You're forgetting that these non-tv-addicts watch the news, documentaries, coverages, sports or music videos, etc. Addiction doesn't have to be measured in time 😉

  • Raked

    It's funny. Amy couldn't name any new shows this season. I recently put up an open thread on my site to see what new shows people were looking forward to, and a couple people either had trouble listing more than one or two or couldn't name any at all. I guess nothing's all that notable this year.

  • Okay people, not ONE comment on how adorable a kid I was (Left). Really?!?!? 🙂

  • Adorable!