Watch, PVR, Pass: Monday September 20, 2010

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  • Irish Joe

    so much new TV! woohoo… and it's only Monday

    90210, Weeds & The Big C are must see's for me…

    and I will DVR The Event, Lonestar & Hawaii Five-0 and check them out this week and decide if I will continue with them… Lonestar seems to be the most promising imo..

  • hilsto

    Chuck, The Event, and Castle with H5-0 Hulu'd.

  • losermind

    busy night…

  • Ali

    Tonight I'll be watching Chuck, HIMYM, and Lonestar, I have an early morning so that's it. Tomorrow or sometime later, I'll be watching Castle, The Event, 90210, GG, House, and Hawaii Five-0. It's going to be a crazy week. I was hoping to catch Mike and Molly, but there's no room in my schedule. I caught BBT late, so I can always catch up if it ends up being good. I am SO excited for Chuck, the most, and HIMYM. I love fall TV.

  • Anne Schwartz

    Can you do quotes again because, “We don't need tickets, I'm Chuck Bass.” was amazing.

  • Watch: House and The Event
    DVR: Lone Star