You Be the Critic: Monday Night Premieres

1) Did THE EVENT deliver the necessary amount of mythology and mystery to pique your interest and more importantly entice you to tune in next week? 2) Have you already gone ahead and downloaded “Awake My Soul” from LONE STAR’s fantastic final minutes? 2) Was the eye-candy offered on HAWAII FIVE-0 — be it of the scenic or scantily clad star variety — enough of an incentive to get you saying, “We have to go back [to the island]!?” 4) Did MIKE & MOLLY’s larger-than-life protagonists deliver equally sizable laughs? And finally, 5) Did anyone watch THE CHASE? Let us know in the comments below. Oh, and in case you’re wondering what we thought: 1) Yes, 2) Yes, 3) Yes, 4) Kinda, 5) No

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  • sc

    I watched Chase

  • But will you be watching it again?

  • Kimberly

    1) No. But I'll watch ep 2 of The Event 'cause I'm curious to see if this show'll get any better, but I find the show to be just okay, and kind of disappointing. Also the constant “11 days earlier, 13 months earlier, 8 days earlier” stuff got on my nerves a bit.
    2) Yes. Lone Star is the best new show of the season. I absolutely love it – can't wait for more. Great cast, great characters, great story. It find it similar to Dexter, if Dexter was a con man instead of a serial killer.
    3) Oh, didn't watch Hawaii 5-0 yet – but I will download it & watch it later.
    4) No. Mike & Molly's pilot was okay to poor. Disappointing seeing as it comes from Chuck Lorre. I'm willing to continue watching it for a bit to give it a chance to be better, but it needs to get a lot better.
    5) Yes. I watched Chase at PaleyFest in NY. It was just okay. Didn't make me want to watch it again. I didn't care for the cast and I didn't care for the characters. But Travis Fimmel is excellent as the bad guy killer in the pilot. So I was actually rooting for him the whole time. Wanted him, the killer, to be able to escape to Mexico and successfully evade the main characters. No such luck.

  • Very glad the Event sucked. It makes Monday Night DVRing that much easier.

  • Ace

    1) No. Didn't watch. I don't need another FlashForward.
    2) Lone Star was great…I do worry about it's sustainability though. And already had the whole Mumford and Sons album…which is wonderful.
    3) Haven't watched H5O yet; I watched Castle.
    4) I just can't watch Melissa McCarthy be the brunt of fat jokes.
    5) Chase isn't my cup of tea. Too procedurally. I'm sure it would pale in comparison to Justified.

  • Linda B.

    I watched Hawaii Five-O. I thought it was pretty good. Definitely has potential. Was disappointed they just teased us w/ a shirtless Alex, but it's Hawaii, so I'm sure we'll see more in the future 😉

    Didn't waste my time w/ The Event. While I loved LOST, I find myself wasting time w/ these copycat shows (like last season's FlashForward) that are nowhere near as good. If it catches on, I'll catch up with it on DVD next summer.

  • Nick

    I called it yesterday…the networks really need me in a focus group. Lone Star tanked big time in the overnights, retaining only 37% of the House lead-in.

    I now offer up my new prediction: NBC's “Undercovers” will also bomb tomorrow night.

  • Why are people focusing so much on The Event as a Lost's copycat? Now we can't have any mysterious shows just because Lost was the best?

    I really liked The Event and I'll be watching it again. It's a great TV show so far.

    ” Also the constant “11 days earlier, 13 months earlier, 8 days earlier” stuff got on my nerves a bit. “

    I liked that, cool concept.

    Flash Forward kinda disappointed me overall but you can't say it was a bad show, in fact it was better then a lot of shows I see on TV now. And it was much better than V in my opinion …

    Missed Lone Star, will be watching it today.

  • joshemerson

    Well said! I'm sick of this idea that somehow you can't do a mysterious show involving mythology after Lost. That's bull. You can, and it's not automatically a copycat. The Event was really good.

  • joshemerson

    1. Yes, I will continue tuning in. I really enjoyed The Event.
    2. I haven't seen Lone Star yet, but a friend told me it was really good so I'll check it out.
    3. No thanks. Didn't watch Hawaii Five-0 and don't plan on it.
    4. No, I found it disappointing. If they move past the generic fat jokes and focus on the likable characters, they could have something. Although I found the two best friends (or in Molly's case her sister) incredibly irritating.
    5. Nope

  • 1.) Since I stopped watching mid-way through last night, my hopes for next week are not high. I will give it a go again this weekend, and attempt to make it through the whole episode but I am not optimistic. I am another person who thought that the time jumping way ANNOYING. PS) Agree that people need to stop comparing this to Lost, everything doesn't need a Lost comparison!

    2.) DVR'd it, will be watching it this weekend (gave the first half of The Event a go instead, wish I would have watched this live in hind sight).

    3.) Did not watch H50, and do not plan to. Regardless if I like the eye candy, procedurals just are not my thing.

    4.) Did not watch, do not plan to. Not big on comedies.

    5.) Did not watch, do not plan to. Again, seems to proceduraly and that's just not my thing.

  • Samples55

    1) Didn't watch & don't plan to, not my thing.
    2) Tried to watch this one, the plot is just too creepy.
    3) H50 was ok, not really loving the 'update'.
    4) I actually liked this one
    5)UGH. I tried to watch, didn't make it past “Trust me, I know what I'm talking about”. I too liked the bad guy best, was wondering if he would be recurring, but just didn't care enough to find out.

  • Ali

    1. I haven't watched The Event yet, but I will.
    2. I enjoyed Lonestar, but I felt like it started off slow, so it took me awhile to get into it. But I'll keep watching it.
    3. I also haven't watched Hawaii Five-0 yet, but I will.
    4. I couldn't fit Mike and Molly into my TV schedule.
    5. I didn't watched Chase, but I think it's repeating this weekend, so I might watch it then.