Returns Sept. 21 at 8PM on Fox (Global TV in Canada)
What can we say about tonight’s second season premiere of GLEE? A helluva lot! But rather than rain on your parade by (a) spoiling all the fun, or (b) nitpicking over the fact that the show remains a frustrating mash-up of musical numbers and repetitive plot points, we’ll leave it at this: Tried and true GLEEKS are in for a slushie-infused treat. Particularly since the low note that is the over-the-top arrival of Coach Beiste, McKinley High’s new female football coach (Dot Marie Jones) is completely overshadowed by the hilariously meta-opening featuring Jacob Ben Israel and the remarkable vocal stylings of new students Sunshine Corazon (Charice) and Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet). Grade: B+ — The TV Addict

raising hope

Premieres Sept. 21 at 9PM on Fox
Jimmy’s (the genial Lucas Neff) one-night stand with a runaway murderer turns into another problem altogether: the mother has their daughter on death row, leaving Jimmy and his reluctant, working-class family to raise her. From MY NAME IS EARL creator Greg Garcia, it’s highly-reminiscent of the Jason Lee sitcom in that you’re likely to question if the laughs are funny because they’re kind of stupid or if it’s because you can’t believe what just happened, happened. Well cast (especially Martha Plimpton as Jimmy’s abrasive mother), it’s Raising Arizona without Nicholas Cage’s moustache. Grade: B — Aleks Chan

running wilde

Premieres Sept. 21 at 9:30PM on Fox
It’s difficult to watch this new comedy from ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT creator Mitch Hurwitz without wanting to grade on a curve: suffice to say that RUNNING WILDE makes a lukewarm debut, lightly hinting that something greater might emerge. Arnett stars as Steven Wilde, the spoiled, out-of-touch son of an oil tycoon; Keri Russell as his longtime love Emmy, a devout humanitarian living in the jungle. She returns stateside in an attempt to persuade Steven to stop his father from drilling where her tribe lives. Aside from an amusing miniature horse gag, the pilot mostly tries to be funny, but isn’t as uproarious as its talent might suggest. Grade: C+Aleks Chan

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  • lipslikeasukal

    No, no, no, no, no! No me gusta. I want so much for Mitch Hurwitz to strike gold again with Running Wilde, but what can you do when you're the dude who made Arrested Development. This will probably come out on DVD next year in a 3 disc “complete series” set.

    “Daddy Horny, Michael.”

  • joshemerson

    The previews completely turned me off to Running Wilde. It just looks like such crap. I will check out Raising Hope though.

    Glee….meh. Most overrated show on TV for sure, but it's not like there's anything else on tonight. I'll watch, if only for Jane Lynch.

  • ToddWinNC

    I'm glad I'm not the only one critical of Glee. It's definitely got some good performances, a good song or two per episode, and an occasional laugh out-loud moment. But, the writing is all over the map.

    Almost every other episode of s1 someone was quitting or re-joining the group. Now, we've got Finn getting kicked off the football team, and Quinn re-joining the Cheerios. I started to like Quinn near the end of last season when she softened up and empathized with the misfits. Now that she's not pregnant any longer and back into cheerleading, is she going to devolve into what she was before?

    We didn't get a chance to know Matt before he's gone. We don't even have a chance to cheer for Artie & Tina before they're broken up and in a way that makes Tina less sympathetic. Rachel was somewhat sympathetic in s1, but now she's becoming a &!+@#. Sunshine Curazon would have been a great addition, but she's gone in a single episode. And, we've already got one over-the-top, unbelievable coach in Sue; now we've got another in Beiste.

    Ms. Pillsbury was my favorite character from early s1 episodes, and she's not even around for the s2 premiere.

    It just seems like the writers are trying so hard to do something so massively different every episode that there are no smooth transitions nor time for a single storyline to develop before they're changing their mind and doing something else.

    On the bright side… One or two songs from the premiere were okay. I do like the new guy that they'll probably get in the club eventually. I still love Brittany, though her jokes are kind of hit & miss. And, reaction to Finn's audition by the little Down Syndrome cheerleader was the one laugh out-loud moment of the show.

    I'd give the season premiere a letter grade of C+, maybe B- at the highest.

  • Glee… Hmmm, one of my favorite shows…

    HOWEVER, the premier didn't do it for me unfortunately. The only part of the episode that I genuinely enjoyed was the opening montage, everything else just didn't measure up for me. Next weeks episode looks promising though!