Is it just us, or are SCRUBS and COUGAR TOWN the Exact Same Show?!

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  • Jacindasmom

    Well I absolutely hated Scrubs no matter how many times I attempted to watch & I love Cougar Town, so NO!

  • scrubs is the best sow ever with arrested development ……

  • joshemerson

    They also cast actors from Bill Lawrence's previous show. On Scrubs, they brought in I think most of the Spin City actors. Now on Cougar Town, they're going to start bringing in Scrubs actors. Not that I'm complaining. Kelso on Cougar Town will be hilarious.

    What gay vibes are you getting from Travis though? That's the one I'm not understanding.

  • Ali

    I have thought that it was the same for awhile. And whenever I tell people to watch Cougar Town I always compare it to Scrubs. I love both!

  • I always describe Cougar Town to people as “like Scrubs, but instead of people doing crazy things in fantasy sequences they do them FOR REAL.”

    Penny can!

  • melissa

    the gay/straight character on scrubs is SOO the Todd not JD…