We GLEE-cap last night’s High’s and Low’s from “Audition”

High Note: Jacob Ben Israel’s cold “Big Gay Summer” opening scene was a brilliant way in which to introduce the show to TV viewers who may-or-may-not spent the past year living in a cave, while providing the writers with an opportunity to poke fun at some of the series’ most glaring criticisms (Too gay! Too Diva! Too Auto-Tuned!)

Low Note: This just in, Brittany spent the summer lost in the sewers.

High Note: Lea Michele and Charice’s interpretation of Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” was what the rewind on our PVR/DVR was made for.

Low Note: The fact that when we first heard that GLEE was covering “Telephone,” we naturally assumed that the show would open the season with some variation of the classic Bye, Bye, Birdie opening. #outoftouch #old #ouch

High Note: Both Lea Michele’s Rachel and Cory Monteith’s Finn finally met their match in the form of New McKinley High Students Sunshine Corazon (Charice) and Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet).

Low Note: Somewhat less welcome was the all-too-predictable introduction of Coach Bieste (actually pronounced “Beast!”) as yet another nemesis for Sue Sylvester to play off of. (Even if it did result in the hilarious scene in which Sue Sylvester got “poor, simple” Brittany to show Principal Figgins just where on the doll Coach Bieste “touched her!”)

High Note: The Asian Community is really tight. Or to be more specific, Tina and newly minted series regular Mike Chang’s abs.

Low Note: Poor Artie can’t catch a break. Cue Charlie Brownesque sad trombone in 3… 2… 1…

High Note: The episode was 100% Emma Pillsbury free.

Low Note: Err… yeah, we got nothing!

High Note: Last night’s songs, including “Empire State of Mind,” “Telephone,” “Billionaire,” “Listen,” and “What I Did for Love,” added up to what may have been our favorite episode playlist to date.

Low Note: Forget auto-tune, glee-clubbers are nothing more than a glorified karaoke club designed to make the inventors of iTunes millions of dollars. Seriously. Somebody is definitely gonna need to raise our iTunes allowance the way this season is going.

High Note: Cheyenne Jackson…

Low Note: We hardly new ye.

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  • “High Note: Last night’s songs, including “Empire State of Mind,” “Telephone,” “Billionaire,” “Listen,” and “What I Did for Love,” added up to what may have been our favorite episode playlist to date.”

    HUGE difference of opinion there, I enjoyed some of the songs (some I didn't know, which doesn't bother me because that shows they are trying to reach a lot of different viewers) but the quality didn't seem to be there for me. ESPECIALLY during Empire State of Mind. The choreography in the song was great, but the vocals just were not there, IMO.

    LOVE this show, just didn't LOVE this episode. Next week looks to be promising though, be perhaps I am just super excited for a Brittany episode.

  • hanna

    I think that lea michele was up to her game last night, funny scenes, good music and emotional moments.
    didn't like sam new guy very much.

  • Gilheyer

    High Note: Finn's hilariously awful Cheerios tryout.

    Low Note: Sue's poop cookies. That's too low, even for you, Sue.

  • Margaret

    Cheyenne Jackson is recurring.

  • ToddWinNC

    Wow, TVAddict, it seems we agree that last night's episode was a mixed bag but for sometimes opposite reasons.

    Jacob's video recap itself was a mixed bag of good & bad. I love how zany & scatter-brained Brittany is, but I agree that her sewers comment was a little too weird even for her.

    Was “Telephone” the song the two girls sang in the bathroom? If so, I would say scenes like that are what the *fast forward* button is for on the DVR remote, not rewind. In fact, I almost made that comment about that very scene on Twitter last night. The whole show in general is becoming more and more FF-necessary.

    I agree that Sunshine & Sam were great. In classic Glee fashion, of course one of them would be ripped away too soon. I can't make up my mind about Bieste. It'd be nice if she was a worthy opponent to Sue because I'm the only person on the planet that actually doesn't like the Sue character (I did at first, but they've over-used her and made her *too* evil). A rivalry between them might take Sue's attention off Shu & the glee club, but of course they had to include Shu and make it a 3-way conflict.

    I'm not thrilled about Tina & Mike, but I'm mostly just disappointed that they didn't bother giving Artie & Tina a chance. But, again, that's how Glee does things. Introduce an idea in one episode; totally dismantle it an episode or two later.

    I count the lack of Ms. Pillsbury as a negative. She was my favorite character from early season 1. But, with she & Shu *already* split up, she's kind of irrelevant. That's another relationship they didn't give time to develop.

    I didn't like the song choices. I'd never heard “Billionaire” before, but it was okay, and it was performed well. And, while I'm not crazy about “Listen,” I actually liked Sunshine's rendition more than the original. But, the other three songs mandated the fast forward button.

    I partially agree with Gilheyer about Finn's cheerleading audition being a high point, not the audition itself, just the little Down Syndrome girl's reaction to it — only laugh out-loud moments of the episode.

    In case my review sounds so negative that you wonder why I watch the show, trust me, I wonder that sometimes too, and it's currently on the three-strike plan. But, the show has some brilliant moments now & then that keep pulling me back in. For instance, I felt the show went further & further downhill during the 2nd half of s1, but then the season finale impressed me again.

  • Frank

    IS mike chang a series regular now? He was still listed as a special guest star in the credits.

  • Jonasbbyxx

    loving there new season!!