You Be the Critic: Tuesday Night Premieres

1) Did RAISING HOPE give you, well, err… hope that FOX remembers how to launch a successful sitcom that isn’t animated? 2) Were you [RUNNING] WILDE about Will Arnett and Keri Russell’s return to series television? 3) Did DETROIT 1-8-7 bring anything new to the small screen’s already oversatuated police procedural market? Let us know in the comments below. Oh, and in case you’re wondering what we thought: 1) Yes, 2) Cautiously optimistic, 3) Passed

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  • 1) Passed – Don't Really Watch Comedies

    2) Passed – Don't Really Watch Comedies

    3) Passed – Pass On Most Procedurals / Cop Shows

  • Eli

    1- watched. I thought it was so so.
    2-Missed. Will have to catch it online and report back
    3. Passed. Don't watch cop shows either.

  • Nick

    Anxious to watch both Raising and Wilde (especially). But they conflict with Life Unexpected, so I will also be watching them online. Hope FOX and other nets understand that this is the “new normal” in TV viewing. We can't watch more than ONE show at once, so please don't start canceling series because of weak overnight ratings.

    Start measuring your online hits, too, 'cuz that's where we're forced to go (if we don't have DVR, which I don't).

  • Ace

    (1) Just not my type of comedy. Turned it off after 10 minutes. (2) I love Will Arnett, so I'll give it a little while. But it was not good. (3) Like the others have mentioned, I skip most procedurals.

  • Samples55

    1) not much 2) Yuck! 3) I enjoyed it, but I love these kinds of shows.

  • Jax

    1) really u felt hope? for me it was hmm bad, really bad, the only thing i liked was the granma. Oh and the preaty mother of the baby, that hmm died.

    2) Not good, Ill give it another try. But they have to up their game, a lot. The truth is i dont see it having any story, and i really hate the dumb, rich guy. I didnt like the first episode of cougar town either and now i love it. So lets give it a chance.

    3)I watched the first 10 min, i wont be watching again.

  • Lori

    If you passed on “Detroit 1-8-7” you missed a really good show. Far superior to all the procedurals I've seen in a very long time.