You Be The Critic: Wednesday Night Premieres

1) Did J.J. Abrams’ UNDERCOVERS live up to the hype? 2) Are you better off with, or without, BETTER WITH YOU? 3) Was the surprisingly shocking final reveal coupled with the overall awesomeness that is Maura Tierney enough of an incentive to get you to tune into THE WHOLE TRUTH on a semi-regular basis? And finally, 4) Are you (wo)man enough to admit that you’ve got a bit-of-a man-crush on Jerry O’Connell and Jim Belushi’s bromance on THE DEFENDERS? Let us know in the comments below. Oh, and in case youโ€™re wondering what we thought: 1) Yes, 2) Better off WITH 3) Kinda 4) Embarrassingly enough, Yes.

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  • Rightisright

    the Middle was funny from start to finish. That is sooo my family.

  • Shilo

    I thought Better With You was a little stale but decent. The cast works really well together and the concept isn’t bad, but I wish they had better (ha) material. It’s a bored-at-work-and-need-to-kill-some-time-on-Hulu type of show, not appointment television.

  • Not related to the premieres as such. But I can't believe you think that last nights episode of Modern Family was the worst ever. It was funnier than a fair few of the first season and definitely funnier than a lot of other shows.

  • While it's possible my expectations were simply too high following a far-too-long summer hiatus, I truthfully didn't find very much to laugh about during last night's episode. Luke thinking he can bottle sunshine, Cam and Jay bonding over Mitchell's somewhat less than handy skills, and Gloria fretting over Manny growing up were all really sweet and well executed moments. Just not nearly as funny as I would have hoped from last season's Emmy winner for Outstanding Comedy series.

  • Nick

    I concur. The Middle was far funnier (as it often is) than Modern Family. Shoot, Cougar Town was funnier.

    But “Better With You” probably topped them all. Hilarious premiere. The clueless new fiancee is the “TV Find of the Season.”

    I liked The Whole Truth, as well. Let's face it, after two hours on ABC, I wasn't getting up to flip the channel anywhere else.

  • I'm sure ABC would appreciate hearing that you're too lazy to change the channel! And agree about the Jake Lacy, fantastic find. Plus how nice was it to see BETTER WITH YOU bring back some opening credits?

  • kevin

    i thought better off with you was awful. i enjoyed the older couple, but didn't care at all for the 2. i stopped watching about 10 minutes in. maybe i'll give it a shot later. also, it really seemed out of place having an old-school style sitcom in the middle of the other 3 shows.

  • 1) Not Watching
    2) Not Watching
    3) DVR'd It… Had To Work Last Night ๐Ÿ™
    4) Not Watching

  • Ggny

    im with Kevin i thought Better off With you was just bad the Laugh Track was horrible the cliche plot at the start was boring and i turned it 10 mins in but maybe if you guys are liking it i will give it another try

    The Defenders are the other hand was great im not a Jim Belushi fan but him and O'Connell where great together and the show was fun

  • joshemerson

    1. Meh. Undercovers is a fun little show, but overall it's not that great. It isn't something that I just have to watch every week. It definitely did NOT live up to the hype.
    2. Better With You was pretty funny. I totally agree that Jake Lacy is awesome. It was nice seeing the opening credits too! The laugh track was a bit much though. Very weird to be included with the other ABC shows.
    3. Did Not Watch
    4. Did Not Watch

  • Nick

    Kevin and Ggny, you guys need to get a sense of humor. If you couldn't find laughs in Better With You, your funny bone's way too short.

  • kevin

    as i said, i thought the older couple were funny. they're both great actors. if the show focused on them, it would've been great. as it was, i couldn't stand the red-headed actress. the part where her sister's boyfriend comes into her office to ask advice was just horribly acted on her part. i could see watching it again, but definitely not going out of my way to do so. as opposed to the middle, modern family and cougar town.

  • Ali

    I'm seriously slacking on my TV watching..
    1. I still haven't watched Undercovers, but its on my DVR
    2. I actually enjoyed Better With You, I love Joanna Garcia and I thought it was cute, and I didn't see her character's pregnancy coming. I'll keep watching because I watch The Middle as well.
    3. Same as #1
    4. Same as #1

    Seriously I have so much TV to catch up on, fall TV is really overwhelming, with school and everything.

  • I LOVED Undercovers. Not just cuz I'm a JJ Abrams ho. ๐Ÿ˜› I haven't caught The Whole Truth yet, but am looking forward to it. Have no intention of watching Better With You; and after getting stuck watching The Defenders with my mother, I wanted my hour back.

  • milly d

    Having been married for 17 long years, I can honestly say that the third comic “blackout” scene (35 years) during the intro for “Better With You” gave me the biggest belly laugh I’ve had in a very long time! Debra Jo Rupp’s comic timing is absolutely dead on!. Not sure about the rest of the show, but that beginning had me laughing on and off for about 15 minutes.