3 Reasons Why FRINGE Has Us Rooting for the Other Side


In a recent interview with FRINGE executive producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman, the talented twosome stated that one of the goals in deciding to alternate episodes between the two universes at the start of the show’s third season was to “really get people invested in the alternate universe with someone at the heart of it that they absolutely identify with and care about.” Needless to say, after last night’s premiere, they weren’t kidding. And while we may not quite be on board with Walternate’s deliciously (debatably?) evil plan to transform the Olivia we know and love into a sharp shooting emotionless Alternate version of herself, we did find that “over there” had more than a handful of things to latch onto. Namely the early start it gave Anna Torv’s “For Your Consideration” Emmy campaign that culminated in an incredibly emotional reunion with her very much alive-and-well mother played by special guest star Amy Madigan. The introduction of the world’s coolest cabbie Henry (played by THE WIRE’s Andre Royo) who we haven’t seen the last of. And most exciting of all “Dogs,” which let’s face it, is far cooler than the feline option our universe has subjected millions of viewers to. We’re just sayin’

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  • Ace

    The premiere was great, but alternate universe now has no Peter. So, boo on it. 😛 It's always great to have Charlie back though and Anna Torv did a great job.

  • hilsto

    I think I confused everyone by being excited “Bubbles” showed up. Didn't anyone watch The Wire? Bubbles! I'm hoping he has a semi-regular part. I love that actor.

  • I'm embarrassed to admit the WIRE is on my “bucket list”

  • Its amazing how John and Anna are getting emmy buzz while poor Josh is stuck with being in half the episodes with a crappy storyline which will cause Josh NOT to show what he can do as an actor. Wonderful.

  • Ace

    Bubbles was one of my favorite characters on The Wire. 🙂 I'm with you in hoping he sticks around for a while, he is a great actor.

    And, Daniel, now that you have Netflix, The Wire should be your first order of business!