Friday Fun: Interpret this Downward Trend!

What does this downward trend represent?
a) LONE STAR’s unfortunate inability to make the most of their Monday night HOUSE lead in, prompting show creator Kyle Killen to make viewers an offer they can’t shouldn’t refuse heading into this week’s episode.
b) LIFE UNEXPECTED’s chances of getting a back nine pick up from the notoriously cash-strapped budget conscious CW network after being conspicuously left out of the network’s recent announcement for additional scripts from HELLCATS and ONE TREE HILL.
c) The fortunes of NBC’s primetime lineup during the disastrous Jeff Zucker era. An era which is thankfully and finally coming to a close with today’s announcement that Jeff Zucker is departing his post as chief executive of NBC Universal.
d) All of the above.

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  • D… Fail!

    Ugh! So sad/mad about LUX, wish more people would tune in because it is actually a really stellar show! C'mon people!

    As for Lone Star, I hope more people do tune it. However, I am not personally investing time into something that may get canceled. I watch WAY too much TV to invest in something pointless. It does have a pass on DVR for now though. I know, I am not helping the situation because I should watch and help increase that viewership, but getting invested for nothing is just so… UGH… can't even describe it!

  • Nick

    The irony is: Wouldn't we rather see more episodes of Life Unexpected….more than the other two shows combined?

  • Amy

    I have always loved the WB/CW shows…but they are going in such a downward trend… Gossip Girl does not get many more viewers then Life Unexpected – yet the CW promotes the absolute crap out of it – I am assuming it is a MUCH more expensive show to make, no? I will be so sad if Life Unexpected doesn't get another shot…the CW couldn't even be bothered to release season one on DVD.

  • Agreed here… I have always thoroughly enjoyed the WB/CW shows as well. Just a shame that that does not resonate true with other people as well.