You Be The Critic: Thursday Night Premieres

1) Did you wake up this morning wishing U.S. Customs and Immigration would outsource the job of whichever NBC network executive greenlit OUTSOURCED? 2) Was $#*! MY DAD SAYS the crime against comedy that the majority of TV critics led you to believe? 3) Raise you hand if you bothered to tune into MY GENERATION at 8PM over on ABC? Let us know in the comments below. And as usual, in case you’re wondering what we thought: 1) Yes, 2) Indubitably, and 3) We didn’t, but in the interest of fairness we did record it and plan on checking out the episode over the weekend.

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  • 1.) Didn't Watch
    2.) Didn't Watch
    3.) DVR'd – Was Watching TVD


    Not a new show, but did anyone else find the opening sequence to the season premier of Private Practice incredibly hot?!

  • Linda B.

    1. Tivo'd and haven't watched yet. Hmmm, the previews made it look good.

    2. Didn't watch

    3. I don't think ABC has a good track record at 7pm on Thursdays, so I didn't bother watching.

    Nicole, I haven't watched PP yet, but now I'm intrigued!

  • Rolisham

    1) To soon to tell. All the funny moments have been broadcasted repeatedly for the last 4 months. Waiting for episode 2 to pass judgment
    2) Didn't watch, can't be good though.
    3) Watching this weekend, but not holding out a lot of hope for quality… Sad, Love the concept.

  • Ace

    There is way too much good TV on Thursdays to watch a single one of those.

  • Shilo

    *raises hand*

    I watched My Generation. Yep, I'm that guy. It wasn't awful, I have to say. I went in expecting something terrible but it was a fairly decent little show. Watching the connections between the characters unfold was interesting and seeing how the 2000s changed the course of somebody's life was a nifty idea.

    I just graduated college so the whole “what are you doing with your life/how did things go wrong from when you were younger” thing resonated. I'm hopeful the ratings are high enough to give it a few episodes to find itself because it has potential.

    Oh, and the archetypes they use aren't that accurate. They may be the rich kid, for example, but things happen to where their life didn't go as planned. The labels are mostly to differentiate them for the “documentary” they're participating in.

  • T H

    Man – Watched $#*! My Dad Says last night, and was I ever disappointed. It felt like I was watching a stage show at times, with the actors yelling out their lines. There seems to be some serious chemistry issues at play, as the actors seemed uncomfortable with each other. And the material was awful, given that they had plenty to work with. Such a disappointment, and clearly a waste of William Shatner's talent. Never thought I'd say this, but after last night's premiere, I hope they cancel the show to leave the source material whatever dignity it has left.

  • joshemerson

    1. Yes. Outsourced had a couple funny moments, all of which were shown in the previews. Overall I'd say the show was pretty terrible.
    2. Yes. It just was not funny. I've liked Shatner in other stuff and loved both Will Sasso and Nicole Sullivan on MADtv, so I was hoping for something halfway decent.
    3. No, and based on the ratings, neither did most of America. What goes first, My Generation or Lone Star?

  • Sanen85


    *I can't believe I just typed that.

  • Liz

    Didn't watch any of the above.

    Community – awesome! Welcome back.
    Took in some Grey's.

    Sadly I have no CW, GlobalTV inexplicably chucked Vampire Diaries this season. Have to DVR it on Fridays on Much Music (go figure). Don't spoil me!