• TRAUMA star touches down, in Shonda Rhimes OFF THE MAP.
• Bieber! Damon! Aniston! Are there too many guest stars on TV.
• Summer Glau will be back… on TV sooner than you think.
• Lizzie McGuire goes bad, Hilary Duff to headline Mean Girls homage on COMMUNITY.
• Found! Another guest starring role for Jorge Garcia.
• You daily dose of LONE STAR, Creator Kyle Killen on the show’s uncertain future.
• The funny side of Love, Mindy Kaling gets the NY Mag profile treatment.

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  • joshemerson

    There are definitely too many guest stars. But I think it's hard to say that they're all bringing shows down. If cast correctly, they can be fantastic. Elizabeth Banks is great on 30 Rock, like recurring guest stars Sherri Shepherd and Will Arnett.

    The problem is when, like Jen Aniston on Cougar Town, it's done purely for ratings. I love Cougar Town and I definitely want more people to watch it, but she didn't really add anything to the show.

  • Danny

    the Hillary Duff link takes me to the Summer Glau News… other thant that thanks for the links!

  • Lynn

    I loved watching Trauma, so I'm pretty excited that little by little, all of the stars of that show are getting new gigs. I think all that's left, of the main cast, to find something is Derek Luke, Cliff Curtis, Scottie Thompson.