TV Ratings: Monday September 27, 2010 (Close your eyes if you’re a LONE STAR and CHUCK fan)

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM ABC Dancing with the Stars 19.36 4.0/11
FOX House 9.90 3.6/10
CBS How I Met Your Mother 8.97 3.8/11
NBC Chuck 5.26 1.9/5
CW 90210 2.10 1.1/3
8:30PM CBS Rules of Engagement 8.14 3.2/8
9PM ABC Dancing with the Stars 22.42 5.2/13
CBS Two and a Half Men 13.87 4.8/12
NBC The Event 8.89 2.9/7
FOX Lone Star 4.53 1.6/4
CW Gossip Girl 1.75 1.0/2
9:30PM CBS Mike & Molly 11.21 3.7/9
10PM ABC Castle 13.50 3.4/9
CBS Hawaii Five-0 12.55 3.6/9
NBC Chase 6.49 2.1/5
10:30PM CBS Hawaii Five-0 12.13 3.4/9
ABC Castle 11.22 2.9/8
NBC Chase 6.23 2.1/6

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  • Ouch… Really would have liked to see Lone Star do better. It will probably be pulled, which stinks because the show is legitimately good.

    I wonder if they will they take into consideration that there was not much drop off from last week, OR do they just care how poorly it did all around?

  • mat

    between Lone Star and Chase its a race to the bottom

    my new fave show Hawaii 5-0 is doing well so all is right in my world

  • Chuck is fighting against House and Dancing with the Stars, how can anyone expect to do any better than it's doing, no matter how good it is. Lone Star has a similar problem, and Lone Star is not nowhere near as good as Chuck is. Chase is a bit disappointing, if you want to see US marshals show, In Plain Sight is much, much better.

    I expect that Lone Star and Chase will soon be gone, and I will not miss them.

  • BJ

    Move. It. To. A. New. Day. I don't understand FOX. Move the show! Port it over to FX and get rid of the awful Terriers. Something. Anything!

  • Cam3150

    There is too much on Monday nights all the way around. Tuesdays too, really. I have 8 shows, just on Mondays and 4 in the 8pm CST timeslot (thank goodness for ATT Uverse and the fact that it's DVR can record 4 shows at once). It's a wonder anything was able to pull any kind of decent ratings. Especially with DWTS in the mix. Fox should move Lonestar to a new night, maybe Wednesdays or even Fridays. Or, to a new network. Anything to try and save it. DVR viewing has completely changed the landscape of TV and how people watch it. I know Lonestar's DVR ratings from last week did little to help it but I think moving it to a new night would be a start. At least give it a fighting chance.

  • Nick

    Frankly, I could care less about FOX or Lone Star, but you certainly point out the truth: With the fierce competition on all networks (at the same time), it's a wonder anyone can pull a decent number. And note, the highest-rated shows have viewers of retirement age guarding their Social Security checks, so those numbers are worthless.

  • Hypothetically speaking, if Charlie Sheen gets arrested for something more serious, thus halting production of Two And A Half Men, will the other shows get some more eyeballs? Or will CBS fill it up with some other comedy?

  • JJFC

    I think the fact that so much of the 2.5 Men crowd is staying for Mike & Molly says a lot… Like that people with no taste will sit in front of anything if they don't have to move.

  • shockologist

    I think NBC needs to put a lame reality show of some sort in the 8pm monday write off slot and move the event and chuck up an hour respectively. Between House Dancing and the cbs porn Err 2.5 men there is no chance for 8pm for nbc which means the event isnt getting the lead in it should. Networks forget that there are houses that are limited in the # of tv's they got and although the kids or dads may wanna watch chuck or the event somedays the wives win. Also is there a way to see what these #s look like after internet/dvr #s are thrown in?