Question of the Day: Wardrobe Unexpected!

Inspired by a spot-on comment from reader “Chris-Wait,” who couldn’t help but notice Lux’s somewhat questionable “basketball uniform” during last night’s fantastic instalment of LIFE UNEXPECTED, this TV Addict feels compelled to bring back our semi-regular “Question of the Day” feature by asking: What’s less believable? The fact that the only basketball uniform Lux seemed capable of cobbling together was one that may-or-may-not have formerly belonged to a Hooters waitress, or the idea that the somewhat-less-than-sporty Math coaches basketball!? Discuss.

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  • Pulpo

    What was even funnier was on the Glee episode where Fin played basketball and was the star and the guy could not even dribble!

    But, whenever you get a pretty girl like Lux in that uniform I am not worried; and Math is if not believable, very likeable, so he gets a pass.

  • Math, I could almost see. Doesn't seem very athletically inclined BUT he does seem like a do-gooder to me, I could see it.

    Lux's outfit, yea OK. I was thinking the same thing as Chris-Wait while I was watching it… since when did uniforms or even try out outfits (since that is what I think that was) look like that (outside of for a cheerleading squad)?!

  • Nick

    Is Jones sneakin' a peek in that pic? I like the get-up, but it's rather unbelievable that a girl could acquire ANY sort of hoops skills quickly enough to make a team.

    As for Math…am I the only one who doesn't like his character at all? I mean…at all. Just can't forget the horrid advice he gave to ruin Baze and Cate's chance at a life together.

  • ahaha. I didn't even notice the shirt. I can't believe that is issued gym wear from the school.

    I liked the show better last season. Hope it gets back on track and doesn't get canceled before then.

  • Shilo

    I can believe Math as the coach, just because there aren't a whole lot of athletic/non-dorky basketball coaches out there. Lux's uniform, though, is a little suspect.

  • Jenny

    In my high school, you always wore whatever you chose to sports practices. Since Lux isn't really a sporty person and hasn't ever been on a team before, I could believe this is the type of outfit she would wear.

    As to Math as coach, I feel like he's always been on the sports periphery. I mean, he and Baze were friends in high school, so he probably has at least some interest in sports. Also, coaching brings a higher paycheck and they could probably use that right about now.

  • I'm very impressed with the level of analysis you've put into this 🙂

  • Jenny

    Thanks. I tend to over analyze things a lot (especially when it comes to tv), which my family often finds annoying. It's good to know someone is impressed 🙂

  • Kelly

    I totally could see Math more than her uniform…when I was in HS, we had uniforms, and they were completely unflattering, and certainly did not show all the goodies like that. However, coaches, well…there is always more leniency with people who coach sports…

  • Since it's not an actual game, the only thing school issued is probably what my school called the “penny” (the red jersey thing), which would be that low on Lux since they're designed to fit most people. And in my school (I graduated last June) we brought whatever clothing we wanted to gym/practice. I've actually seen girls who legitimately look like Hooters waitresses in gym. So yeah, she could totally wear that.