An Epic Netflix Fail!

As much as we’ve been absolutely loving the recent arrival of Netflix to Canada (Seriously, best $7.99 we’ve ever spent!) we do feel the need to point out that their self-proclaimed state-of-the-art recommendation engine could use a little bit of work. Just sayin’

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  • Kelly

    That's hilarious!!!

  • The recommendations are largely based on how you rate things. The more you rate, the better the recommendations get. If you haven't rated much, they aren't going to be as useful. I swear by Netflix's recommendations for me better than any other movie recommendation service I've ever tried.

  • haha!

    That's not a rec. That's some kind of randomized selection system!

  • Jen

    The recommendations do get a lot better over time, but every now and again, a funny one slips in. After I rated the movie about Kurt Cobain, “About a Son,” they thought I would like “Clarissa Explains It All.” At first I thought, what in the hell..but then my younger brother explained that Clarissa went to a Nirvana concert in one episode and had a poster on her wall. Ah, yes, perfect match.

  • Admittedly I was having a little fun at Netflix's expense and having just opened an account I imagine recommendations will get better. That said, Jon & Kate Plus 8 = too funny!

  • kevin

    yeah, it depends on how many movies you rate. my recommendations and all are pretty accurate from netflix at this point.

  • I dont know – i think the biggest fail of is the really crapping content vs the us. I didnt expect it to match but they dont have instant queue even. Plus apparently they add new titles every tuesday – if they did this week I cant find them…

  • Too Funny!!