Must Read TV: Jeff Zucker, Greg Giraldo, Kaley Cuoco & More!

• RIP: Greg Giraldo.
• Revealed, The new “CONAN” logo.
• A serious must read, as the notorious Masked Scheduler makes sense of LONE STAR’s cancelation.
• It’s MODERN FAMILY meets TRUE BLOOD! NBC and Bryan Fuller remaking THE MUNSTERS
• From the department of life imitating art, Kaley Cuoco reveals a past secret relationship with BIG BANG THEORY costar Johnny] Galecki.
• The Oldest Shows on TV, from BLUE BLOODS to DANCING WITH THE STARS.

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  • Dg

    I HATE remakes, but I LOVE Brian Fuller so I’ll give The Munsters I try.

  • Nick

    Ha ha. Just as we all suspected–and now it's in print. Look at that list of 20 “old people-skewing” shows, and tell me how valuable those sleepy 55+ (on average!) tightwads are. Oh well, I guess adult diapers, blue pills, drugs and scooters have to have a place to advertise, too. Go get 'em, CBS and ABC. More dancing! More cops! More dancing cops!

  • shanna

    I'm sorry but I don't agree with that assessment of Lone Star. Two weeks is not enough time to build an audience. I watched it over the weekend (downloaded on iTunes) and by next Monday I was watching it live. But I'm an avid tv watcher. Most of my friends are not but they would have loved this show. A lot of the people I know are people who tune into things via Hulu or even wait until they're on Netflix. That's the way many things are going and I think it's unfair to say after two weeks that people just didn't like the show. Especially when you have things like Monday night football, baseball heading towards it's playoffs, etc.

    I just think it's pathetic to not even give a show 13 episodes to build itself. At the very least I think it takes at least three episodes to commit to or cut any show.

  • I wish they would have given Lone Star more time!!