Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions with SMALLVILLE Star Keri Lynn Pratt

As regular readers of know all too well, there are two topics we never tire of talking about: The CW’s unceremonious cancellation of EVERWOOD (Yup, still bitter) and the demise of JACK & BOBBY (Ditto!). So when our good friends at the Network offered up the opportunity to interview Keri Lynn Pratt (RIP Missy Belknap), who will be dropping by tonight’s SMALLVILLE in the first of two planned guest appearances as Clark’s new partner Cat Grant, we jumped at the chance. Here’s what she had to say about what it’s like being one of Hollywood’s busiest actresses, her latest role on SMALLVILLE and the most unexpected FAMILY GUY guest appearance ever.

Between JACK & BOBBY, BROTHERS & SISTERS and VERONICA MARS you’ve guest starred in more of our favorite shows that we can count. What’s it like being a serial guest star in Hollywood and is it a challenge continuously having to jump from set to set?
Keri Lynn Pratt: [Laughs] I think there was a year that I did 11 guest starring roles. And you know, sometimes it’s hard and sometimes it’s not. Really, it’s like being a kid that moves around a lot, you kind of learn how to adapt quickly and nine out of ten times everyone’s really welcoming and great. SMALLVILLE was quite an exception. They were all just so welcoming and great to work with and it probably was one of my best experiences as an actor.

What’s the atmosphere like on a show that is in the midst of celebrating its tenth season and two hundredth episode?
I’m obviously flattered and really excited to be a small part of it, but for these guys it’s just quite an accomplishment. When you step on that set you understand immediately how the show has gone on for 10 seasons. Everyone’s great to work with, enthusiastic and so dedicated to the fans. It’s not really that much of a surprise when you’re there.

Were you familiar with Cat’s role in the Superman mythos prior to joining the show?
I wasn’t familiar with the character, but I have done quite a bit of research since. In the comics, Cat Grant is more hardened, she’s a drunk and a flirt after being burned one too many times. On SMALLVILLE, which is before all that, she’s eager, enthusiastic, determined and nothing is going to stop her. She’s a real go-getter which of course sometimes leads to trouble.

Would some of that trouble be as a result of her getting in between Clark and Lois ?
I don’t know if she gets in between Clark and Lois intentionally! (Note: Pratt’s well aware of how protective the fandom is) I think she finds herself in the middle of a lot of things, Clark and Lois being one of them. She really likes Clark as a person, thinks they’re on the same page, and as you’ll see in the “Isis” episode, thinks Lois is the Blur. Cat does not like Lois Lane.

And finally, we can’t let you go without asking about one of your most random appearances ever, in the bottom third of an episode of FAMILY GUY (see video below). How did that come about?
I’ve known the casting director of FAMILY GUY for a while and she called my agent and asked if I would just come in and shoot that one day. It was totally random and just popped out of nowhere.

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